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3-O-Methylgalangin (Synonyms: Galangin 3-methyl ether; 3-Methylgalangin)

目录号: HY-N4167

3-O-Methylgalangin (Galangin 3-methyl ether; 3-Methylgalangin) 是一种天然的黄酮类化合物,来源于高良姜根茎,具有抗菌活性,且能够抑制胰腺脂肪酶 。

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3-O-Methylgalangin Chemical Structure

3-O-Methylgalangin Chemical Structure

CAS No. : 6665-74-3

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3-O-Methylgalangin (Galangin 3-methyl ether; 3-Methylgalangin) is a natural flavonoid compound from the rhizome of Alpinia officinarum (AO) with antibacterial activities, which also inhibits pancreatic lipase[1] [2].


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