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Smoothened is a G protein-coupled receptor protein encoded by the SMO gene of the hedgehog signaling pathway conserved from flies to humans. It is the molecular target of the teratogen cyclopamine. Cellular localization plays an essential role in the function of SMO. Stimulation of the patched receptor by the sonic hedgehog ligand leads to translocation of SMO to the primary cilium. Furthermore, SMO that is mutated in the domain required for ciliary localisation cannot contribute to pathway activation.[3] SMO has also been shown to bind the kinesin motor protein Costal-2 and play a role in the localization of the Ci (Cubitus interruptus transcription factor) complex. SMO can function as an oncogene. Activating SMO mutations can lead to unregulated activation of the hedgehog pathway and cancer.

Smo 相关产品 (11):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-12848
    SAG Agonist 99.61%
    SAG 是一种有效的 Smo receptor 激动剂,能够活化 Hedgehog 信号通路,Kd 值为 59 nM。
  • HY-15108
    Purmorphamine Activator 99.89%
    Purmorphamine 是一种 Smoothened 的激活剂,氟硼二吡咯-环巴胺与 Smo 结合,IC50 值约为 1.5 μM;同时能够诱导成骨细胞分化,EC50 值为 1 μM。
  • HY-16582A
    LDE225 Antagonist 99.56%
    LDE225 是一种有效的选择性Smo拮抗剂,在结合检测实验中,作用于鼠和人Smo,IC50 分别为 1.3 nM 和 2.5 nM。
  • HY-16582
    LDE225 Diphosphate Antagonist 99.83%
    LDE225 Diphosphate 是一种有效的,选择性的 Smo 拮抗剂,作用于人和小鼠的 Smo,IC50 值分别为 1.3 nM 和 2.5 nM。
  • HY-16391
    PF-04449913 Inhibitor 99.31%
    PF-04449913 是一种口服有效的 smoothened 抑制剂。PF-04449913结合到人 SMO (181-787氨基酸位点),IC50 为 4 nM。
  • HY-13809
    BMS-833923 Inhibitor
    BMS-833923 (XL-139)是口服生物相容性的Smoothened抑制剂,有抗肿瘤活性,能剂量依赖性抑制BODIPY cyclopamine与SMO的结合,IC50为21 nM。
  • HY-13242
    LY2940680 Inhibitor 99.76%
    LY2940680 是一种 smoothened 受体拮抗剂。
  • HY-N0836
    Jervine Inhibitor 99.03%
    Jervine(11-Ketocyclopamine)是甾体类生物碱,能阻断sonic hedgehog(Shh)信号通路,抑制Smo。
  • HY-100036
    MK-4101 Inhibitor 98.13%
  • HY-B0877
    Halcinonide Agonist 99.44%
  • HY-13459
    PF-5274857 Antagonist
    PF-5274857是Smo拮抗剂,能抑制Hedgehog信号转导,IC50和Ki分别为5.8 nM和4.6 nM,能渗透入血脑屏障。