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NSC 95397 

目录号: HY-108543

NSC 95397 是一种有效选择性的 Cdc25 双特异性磷酸酶抑制剂,对 Cdc25A、Cdc25B 以及 Cdc25C 的 Ki 值分别为 32、96、40 nM,对人亚型 Cdc25A、人亚型 Cdc25C、Cdc25B 的 IC50 值分别为 22.3、56.9、125 nM。NSC 95397 抑制丝裂原活化蛋白激酶磷酸酶-1 (MKP-1),并通过 MKP-1 和 ERK1/2 途径抑制结肠癌细胞的增殖并诱导细胞凋亡。

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NSC 95397 Chemical Structure

NSC 95397 Chemical Structure

CAS No. : 93718-83-3

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NSC 95397 is a potent and selective Cdc25 dual specificity phosphatase inhibitor with Ki values of 32, 96, and 40 nM for Cdc25A, -B, and -C, respectively, and has IC50s of 22.3, 56.9, and 125 nM for human Cdc25A, human Cdc25C, and Cdc25B, respectively[1]. NSC 95397 inhibits mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase-1 (MKP-1) and suppresses proliferation and induces apoptosis in colon cancer cells through MKP-1 and ERK1/2 pathway[2].

IC50 & Target

Ki: 32 nM (Cdc25A), 96 nM (Cdc25B), 40 nM (Cdc25C)[1]
IC50: 22.3 nM (human Cdc25A) , 56.9 nM (human Cdc25C), 125 nM (Cdc25B)[1]

In Vitro

NSC 95397 (0, 10, and 20 µM; 24 hour) decreases the cell viability of three colon cancer cell lines SW480, SW620, and DLD-1 in a concentration-dependent manner[2].
NSC 95397(10 μM; 24 hour) upregulates p21 while downregulates CDK4 and CDK6 were d in all three colon cancer cell lines SW480, SW620, and DLD-1 cells[2].
NSC 95397 (10 μM; 24 hour) reduces the phosphorylation of retinoblastoma protein (Rb) on Ser795 and Ser807/811[2].
NSC 95397 (20 μM; 24 hours) significantly increases cleaved caspase-9, -3, -7 and PARP levels[2].
NSC 95397 (10 μM; 6 hours) enhances the phosphorylation of its downstream ERK1/2 at Thr202/Tyr 204[2].

Cell Viability Assay[2]

Cell Line: Human colon cancer cell lines, SW480, SW620, and DLD-1
Concentration: 0, 10, and 20 µM
Incubation Time: 24 hours
Result: The IC50 values of NSC 95397 for the cell growth of SW480, SW620, and DLD-1 cells were 9.9, 14.1 and 18.6 μM, respectively.

Western Blot Analysis[2]

Cell Line: SW480, SW620, and DLD-1 cells
Concentration: 10 μM
Incubation Time: 24 hours
Result: p21 was upregulated while CDK4 and CDK6 were downregulated.
Rduced the phosphorylation of Rb on Ser795 and Ser807/811

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NSC 95397

NSC 95397

Cat. No.: HY-108543