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  2. Discoidin Domain Receptor

Discoidin Domain Receptor

Discoidin domain receptors (DDRs) are receptor tyrosine kinases with the unique ability among receptor tyrosine kinases to respond to collagen. Several signaling molecules have been implicated in DDR signaling, including Shp-2, Src, and MAPK pathways. DDRs have been reported to induce the expression of various genes including matrix metalloproteinases and bone morphogenetic proteins, but the regulatory mechanisms underlying DDR-induced gene expression remain to be determined. DDRs regulate cell-collagen interactions in normal and pathological conditions and thus are emerging as major sensors of collagen matrices and potential novel therapeutic targets.

Discoidin Domain Receptor 相关产品 (4):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-100388A
    SHP099 hydrochloride Inhibitor 99.40%
    SHP099 hydrochloride是有效选择性,有口服活性的SHP2抑制剂,IC50值为70 nM。
  • HY-100388
    SHP099 Inhibitor 99.56%
    SHP099是有效选择性,有口服活性的SHP2抑制剂,IC50值为70 nM。
  • HY-13979
    DDR1-IN-1 Inhibitor >98.0%
    DDR1-IN-1是DDR1受体酪氨酸激酶抑制剂,IC50和EC50分别为105 nM和87 nM,而对DDR2的IC50为413 nM。
  • HY-100463
    TPI-1 Inhibitor >98.0%
    TPI-1是SHP-1的抑制剂;抑制重组SHP-1的IC50值为40 nM。