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Neurotensin Receptor

Neurotensin receptors are transmembrane receptors that bind the neurotransmitter neurotensin. Two of the receptors encoded by the NTSR1 and NTSR2 genes contain seven transmembrane helices and are G protein coupled. The third receptor has a single transmembrane domain and is encoded by the SORT1 gene. Neurotensin (NTS) is a 13-amino-acid peptide that functions as both a neurotransmitter and a hormone through the activation of the neurotensin receptor NTSR1, a G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR). In the brain, NTS modulates the activity of dopaminergic systems, opioid-independent analgesia, and the inhibition of food intake; in the gut, NTS regulates a range of digestive processes.

Neurotensin Receptor 相关产品 (3):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-P0234
    Neurotensin Agonist
    Neurotensin 是一种肠十三肽,作为有效的细胞有丝分裂原,作用于各种结肠直肠癌和胰腺癌,对神经降压素受体 (neurotensin receptorNTR) 具有高亲和力。
  • HY-16639
    ML314 Agonist 99.72%
    ML314是NTR1激动剂,EC50为1.9 μM,对NTR2和GPR35抑制性较弱,不能刺激钙离子转移。
  • HY-P1255
    Kinetensin Agonist
    Kinetensin是从胃蛋白酶处理的人血浆分离的神经降压素 (neurotensin-like) 样肽。
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