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目录号: HY-111149

PS372424,CXCL10 的三个氨基酸片段,是一种特异的人 CXCR3 激动剂,具有抗炎活性,它抑制 CXCR3 配体 CXCL10 与 CXCR3 受体的结合,IC50 值为 42 nM。

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PS372424 Chemical Structure

PS372424 Chemical Structure

CAS No. : 914291-61-5

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PS372424, a three amino-acid fragment of CXCL10, is a specific human CXCR3 agonist with anti-inflammatory activity, which inhibits the binding of CXCR3 ligand CXCL10 to CXCR3 receptor with IC50 of 42 nM[1][2][3].

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In Vitro

PS372424 (10-200 nM; 30 min) causes a concentration-dependent phosphorylation of CCR5 on CXCR3+ T cells not in CXCR3- T cells[1].