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Anti-Infection Compound Library

Cat. No.: HY-L002
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A unique collection of 492 bioactive anti-infection compounds for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS).

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& Advantages

•   A unique collection of 492 bioactive anti-infection compounds for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS).

•   Targets such as Bacteria, Fungi, Parasite, CMV, HIV, SARS-CoV, Influenza Virus, etc.

•   Bioactivity and safety confirmed by preclinical research and clinical trials, some have been approved by FDA.

•   A useful tool to study infectious diseases or develop new anti-infection drugs.

•   Structurally diverse, medicinally active, and cell permeable.

•   More detailed compound information with structure, IC50, and other chemical & biological data.

•   NMR and HPLC validated to ensure high purity and quality.

•   All compounds are in stock and continuously updated.

Product Details
A collection of 492 bioactive anti-infection compounds supplied as pre-dissolved DMSO solutions or Solid
96 Well Format Sample Storage Tube With Screw Cap and Optional 2D Barcode
Blue ice

Anti-Infection Compound Library

Source: MedChem Express

Contents of Anti-Infection Compound Library

Plate layout: HY-L002-1

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty D-Cycloserine Ledipasvir (D-tartrate) Fidaxomicin Tylosin (tartrate) Milbemycin oxime Emodepside Anidulafungin 3-(Methylthio)propionic acid Caspofungin (Acetate) Pyrazinamide Empty
b Empty β-Chloro-L-alanine Colistin (sulfate) Flucytosine Micafungin (sodium) Isoniazid 5-hydroxypyrazine-2-carboxylic acid Dimetridazole Vancomycin (hydrochloride) AN-2690 Bleomycin (sulfate) Empty
c Empty (+)-Camphor Chloroxylenol Daptomycin Eugenol N2-Methylguanine Desaminotyrosine Ethionamide 6-Thioguanine Dehydroacetic acid Metronidazole Empty
d Empty Sodium diethyldithiocarbamate Sulfanilamide Avermectin B1 Fosfomycin (calcium) Cloxiquine Prothionamide Methyl gallate 10-Undecenoic acid Secnidazole Nithiamide Empty
e Empty Amantadine (hydrochloride) Nitroxoline Procodazole Carbendazim DEET p-Phenylene diisothiocyanate Piperazine (hexahydrate) Nitrofurazone Oritavancin (diphosphate) Bronopol Empty
f Empty Ronidazole Dinotefuran Crotamiton α-Lipoic Acid Ciclopirox Moroxydine (hydrochloride) Propoxur Nitromide Zalcitabine p-Aminosalicylic acid (sodium salt dihydrate) Empty
g Empty Salicylanilide Chloroxine Sulfaguanidine Rimantadine (hydrochloride) Ornidazole (Levo-) Ornidazole Piperazine (malate) Stavudine Furazolidone Dinitolmide Empty
h Empty Acyclovir Nimorazole Chlorquinaldol Osalmid Lamivudine Nalidixic acid Piperazine adipate Sulbactam Mecarbinate Sulfacetamide (Sodium) Empty

Plate layout: HY-L002-2

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Didanosine Ethopabate Nitrofurantoin Levamisole (hydrochloride) Tetramisole (hydrochloride) Telbivudine Ribavirin Mafenide (Acetate) Pyridoxal phosphate Emtricitabine Empty
b Empty Tinidazole Dapsone Pyrimethamine Oxibendazole Sulfadiazine Penciclovir Sulfamethoxazole Ganciclovir NM107 Proflavine (hemisulfate) Empty
c Empty Clevudine PSI-6206 Diaveridine Flumequine Carbadox Furagin Sulfamerazine Tizoxanide Albendazole Tubercidin Empty
d Empty Nevirapine Zidovudine Vidarabine Sulfisoxazole RRx-001 Dichlorophen Ftaxilide Sulfamethizole 7-Aminocephalosporanic acid Ebselen Empty
e Empty Ethambutol (dihydrochloride) Sulfathiazole (sodium) Sulfisomidin Sulfamethazine Cidofovir Fexinidazole Sulfalene Sulfamonomethoxine Sulfamethoxypyridazine Sulfameter Empty
f Empty Artemisinin Oseltamivir (acid) Sulfaclozine Sulfachloropyridazine Nifuratel Abacavir Tenofovir Avibactam (sodium) Piromidic acid Myclobutanil Empty
g Empty Triclosan Terbinafine Cyproconazole Climbazole Mebendazole Entecavir (monohydrate) Imazalil Antibiotic-5d Artemether Piroctone olamine Empty
h Empty Fenbendazole Tazobactam Tolclofos-methyl Broxyquinoline Pipemidic acid Avibactam (sodium hydrate) Clioquinol Fluconazole Nitazoxanide Tolnaftate Empty

Plate layout: HY-L002-3

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Tebuconazole Faropenem sodium Delpazolid Sulfadoxine Sulfadimethoxine Lersivirine Bifonazole Artemotil Praziquantel Flubendazole Empty
b Empty Hexaconazole AAI101 Amprolium (hydrochloride) Oxfendazole Triclocarban Efavirenz YYA-021 M2 ion channel blocker Norfloxacin Triciribine Empty
c Empty Famciclovir Sulfaquinoxaline sodium salt Naftifine (hydrochloride) Quinidine Quinine Diniconazole Buparvaquone 1-Docosanol Dapivirine Zanamivir Empty
d Empty Brivudine NBD-556 Hexetidine Ethacridine (lactate) Clotrimazole Olsalazine (Disodium) Enoxacin (hydrate) Cephalexin Voriconazole Biapenem Empty
e Empty Griseofulvin Sutezolid Butenafine (Hydrochloride) Amorolfine (hydrochloride) Idoxuridine Luliconazole Succinylsulfathiazole Bithionol Thiamphenicol Pyrantel (tartrate) Empty
f Empty Hycanthone Cetylpyridinium (chloride monohydrate) Florfenicol PA-824 Enrofloxacin Enrofloxacin hydrochloride Penthiopyrad Nadifloxacin Valacyclovir (hydrochloride) Levofloxacin Empty
g Empty Ofloxacin Ethacridine (lactate monohydrate) Clemizole (hydrochloride) Marbofloxacin Phthalylsulfacetamide Cefadroxil Ozenoxacin Nifursol Clofoctol Cephalexin (monohydrate) Empty
h Empty Rilpivirine Atovaquone Cefaclor Trimetrexate (S)-Tedizolid Tedizolid Levofloxacin (hydrate) Robenidine hydrochloride Ampicillin (sodium) Gatifloxacin Empty

Plate layout: HY-L002-4

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Maribavir Pleuromutilin RN-18 Clorsulon Pleconaril Peramivir (trihydrate) Tebipenem Tolfenpyrad Fosfluconazole AB-423 Empty
b Empty Tioconazole Lomefloxacin (hydrochloride) Imidazolidinyl urea Amoxicillin (sodium) RSV604 (racemate) RSV604 Balofloxacin Bicyclol Valganciclovir (hydrochloride) Permethrin Empty
c Empty Diethylcarbamazine (citrate) Sparfloxacin Orbifloxacin Cefdinir Quinine (hydrochloride dihydrate) Diiodohydroxyquinoline Faropenem daloxate Valifenalate Pimodivir R-7128 Empty
d Empty Oxyclozanide Methicillin (sodium salt) BAY 57-1293 Phthalylsulfathiazole Spectinomycin (dihydrochloride) Cabotegravir BMS-378806 Cefprozil (monohydrate) Diclazuril Sitafloxacin (hydrate) Empty
e Empty Oseltamivir (phosphate) BMS-707035 Ac-CoA Synthase Inhibitor1 Spirodiclofen Pazufloxacin (mesylate) Mefloquine (hydrochloride) Decoquinate Cephalothin (sodium) Dolutegravir Amoxicillin (trihydrate) Empty
f Empty Broxaldine Sarafloxacin (hydrochloride) Pocapavir Toltrazuril Nucleozin Nandrolone decanoate 2,4,6-Tribromophenyl caproate Pefloxacin (mesylate) Besifloxacin (Hydrochloride) BTZ043 Empty
g Empty 10-Undecenoic acid (zinc salt) Kasugamycin (hydrochloride hydrate) Hydroxychloroquine sulfate Etravirine Aztreonam Isavuconazole Meropenem (trihydrate) Doripenem (monohydrate) Betulinaldehyde Dolutegravir (sodium) Empty
h Empty Oxacillin (sodium monohydrate) Tomeglovir Bephenium (hydroxynaphthoate) I2906 Econazole (nitrate) VX-222 Cefuroxime (sodium) Ceftibuten (dihydrate) Elvitegravir Cefoxitin (sodium) Empty

Plate layout: HY-L002-5

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Tedizolid (phosphate) Cefixime Danofloxacin (mesylate) Nafcillin (sodium monohydrate) Oleanonic acid Primaquine (Diphosphate) Betulinic acid Toltrazuril (sulfone) Oxytetracycline H-Lys-Trp-Lys-OH Empty
b Empty Sulconazole (nitrate) Lincomycin (hydrochloride hydrate) Clindamycin (hydrochloride) Prulifloxacin Pristimerin Tobramycin Oxethazaine Limonin l-Atabrine dihydrochloride d-Atabrine dihydrochloride Empty
c Empty Clofazimine Butoconazole (nitrate) Flucloxacillin sodium Cloxacillin (sodium monohydrate) Targocil Pivmecillinam (hydrochloride) GS-7340 Cefazolin (sodium) Cefotaxime (sodium salt) Methacycline (hydrochloride) Empty
d Empty Isoconazole (nitrate) Miconazole (nitrate) Tetracycline (hydrochloride) Raltegravir (potassium salt) Azlocillin (sodium salt) Bekanamycin Gemifloxacin (mesylate) Oxiconazole nitrate Cefmetazole (sodium) ABT-333 Empty
e Empty Spectinomycin (dihydrochloride pentahydrate) Ertapenem sodium Tebipenem pivoxil CDK9-IN-1 Mupirocin Sertaconazole (nitrate) Demeclocycline (hydrochloride) Adefovir dipivoxil Chlorhexidine Amprenavir Empty
f Empty Cefamandole (nafate) Arbidol (hydrochloride) Chlortetracycline (hydrochloride) Tegobuvir Retapamulin Fenticonazole (Nitrate) Tenofovir (Disoproxil) PAβN (dihydrochloride) Boceprevir Hygromycin B Empty
g Empty Thifluzamide Lumefantrine PSI-7977 Cefmenoxime (hydrochloride) Ketoconazole Terconazole Delamanid Fusidic acid (sodium salt) Piperacillin (sodium) Garenoxacin (Mesylate hydrate) Empty
h Empty Gardiquimod trifluoroacetate Puromycin (Dihydrochloride) Ceftiofur (sodium) Ceftazidime Darunavir Cefetamet pivoxil (hydrochloride) Cefozopran (hydrochloride) Ribostamycin (sulfate) Delavirdine (mesylate) Cefsulodin (sodium) Empty

Plate layout: HY-L002-6

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Bedaquiline TMC353121 Mezlocillin (sodium) Moxalactam (sodium salt) Cefepime (Dihydrochloride Monohydrate) Emetine (dihydrochloride hydrate) Letermovir Kanamycin (sulfate) Cadazolid Tigecycline Empty
b Empty Cefonicid (sodium) Lasalocid GS-7340 (fumarate) Pentamidine (isethionate) Darunavir (Ethanolate) Tosufloxacin (tosylate hydrate) Pyrantel (pamoate) Ceftriaxone (sodium salt) Valnemulin (Hydrochloride) Oxantel (pamoate) Empty
c Empty Naphthoquine (phosphate) Tiamulin (fumarate) Lasalocid (sodium) Cefoselis (sulfate) Cefditoren (Pivoxil) Octenidine (dihydrochloride) Rafoxanide Lopinavir Eravacycline (dihydrochloride) Novobiocin (Sodium) Empty
d Empty Tenofovir (Disoproxil Fumarate) Apramycin (sulfate) Moxidectin Cefoperazone Aprotinin Closantel Nelfinavir (Mesylate) Natamycin Abacavir (sulfate) Saquinavir Empty
e Empty Bedaquiline (fumarate) Telaprevir G-418 (disulfate) Sisomicin (sulfate) Monensin sodium salt Posaconazole Itraconazole Indinavir (sulfate) Paromomycin (sulfate) Netilmicin (sulfate) Empty
f Empty Ritonavir Streptomycin (sulfate) Dihydrostreptomycin (sulfate) Danoprevir Erythromycin Azathramycin Daclatasvir Clarithromycin Azithromycin Simeprevir Empty
g Empty Acetohydroxamic acid Capreomycin (sulfate) Salinomycin Saquinavir (Mesylate) Salinomycin (sodium salt) Gamithromycin Amikacin (sulfate) Rifaximin Ascomycin Atazanavir (sulfate) Empty
h Empty Tulathromycin A Daclatasvir (dihydrochloride) Telithromycin Midecamycin Rifampicin Dirithromycin Roxithromycin Spiramycin Rifabutin Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate Empty

Plate layout: HY-L002-7

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Ivermectin Rifapentine Velpatasvir Ledipasvir Chlorhexidine (digluconate) Doramectin Neomycin (sulfate) Eprinomectin Tylosin Amphotericin B Empty
b Empty Ledipasvir (acetone) Tilmicosin (phosphate) Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty
c Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty
d Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty
e Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty
f Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty
g Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty
h Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty


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