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  2. Angiotensin-converting Enzyme (ACE)

Angiotensin-converting Enzyme (ACE)

Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) indirectly increases blood pressure by causing blood vessels to constrict. ACE does that by converting angiotensin I to angiotensin II, which constricts the vessels. ACE, angiotensin I and angiotensin II are part of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS), which controls blood pressure by regulating the volume of fluids in the body. ACE is secreted in the lungs and kidneys by cells in the endothelium (inner layer) of blood vessels. It has two primary functions: ACE catalyses the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II, a potent vasoconstrictor in a substrate concentration-dependent manner. ACE degrades bradykinin, a potent vasodilator, and other vasoactive peptides. These two actions make ACE inhibition a goal in the treatment of conditions such as high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetic nephropathy, and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Inhibition of ACE (by ACE inhibitors) results in the decreased formation of angiotensin II and decreased metabolism of bradykinin, leading to systematic dilation of the arteries and veins and a decrease in arterial blood pressure.

Angiotensin-converting Enzyme (ACE) 相关产品 (34):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-12403
    Angiotensin 1-7 Inhibitor 98.62%
    Angiotensin (1-7) 抑制纯化的犬血管紧张素转换酶 (ACE) 活性,IC50 为 0.65 μM。
  • HY-B0368
    Captopril Inhibitor 98.05%
  • HY-B0331A
    Enalapril maleate Inhibitor 99.96%
  • HY-18206A
    Lisinopril dihydrate Inhibitor 99.34%
  • HY-B0093A
    Benazepril hydrochloride Inhibitor 99.99%
  • HY-108321
    Zofenopril Inhibitor 98.81%
    Zofenopril 是一个 angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) 抑制剂,其 IC50 值为 81 μM。
  • HY-P0266
    N-Acetyl-Ser-Asp-Lys-Pro是 ACE 的N-末端位点的天然和特异性底物。
  • HY-N2021A
    Phosphoramidon Disodium Inhibitor >98.0%
    Phosphoramidon disodium 是金属蛋白酶 ( metalloprotease ) 抑制剂 。抑制内皮素转化酶 ( ECE ) ,中性肽内切酶 ( NEP ) 和血管紧张素转换酶 ( ACE ) 的IC50 值分别为 3.5 ,0.034 和 78 μM。
  • HY-B0130A
    Perindopril erbumine Inhibitor 99.90%
  • HY-B0231
    Enalaprilat dihydrate Inhibitor >99.0%
    Enalaprilat是血管紧张素转化酶(ACE)抑制剂,IC50为1.94 nM。
  • HY-A0043A
    Cilazapril monohydrate Inhibitor 98.63%
  • HY-B0384
    Temocapril hydrochloride Inhibitor 99.52%
  • HY-18208
    Omapatrilat Inhibitor
    Omapatrilat是金属蛋白酶ACENEP的双重抑制剂,Ki值分别为0.64和0.45 nM。
  • HY-B0382
    Fosinopril sodium Inhibitor >98.0%
  • HY-B0655
    Zofenopril calcium Inhibitor
    Zofenopril Calcium(SQ26991)是抗氧化剂和血管紧张素转化酶(ACE)抑制剂。
  • HY-B0378A
    Moexipril hydrochloride Inhibitor
  • HY-B0279
    Ramipril Inhibitor
    Ramipril是ACE抑制剂,IC50为5 nM。
  • HY-B0477
    Quinapril hydrochloride Inhibitor 99.46%
  • HY-A0043
    Cilazapril Inhibitor
  • HY-P0143
    Leucylarginylproline Inhibitor
    Leucylarginylproline是血管紧张素转换酶 (ACE) 抑制剂,IC50值为0.27μM。