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STING (Stimulator of Interferon Genes) is a transmembrane protein localized to the endoplasmic reticulum that undergoes a conformational change in response to direct binding of cyclic dinucleotides (CDNs), resulting in a downstream signaling cascade involving TBK1 activation, IRF-3 phosphorylation, and production of IFN-β and other cytokines.

STING is a pattern recognition receptor of cyclic dinucleotides as well as an innate immune adaptor protein that enables signaling from cytoplasmic receptors to the transcription factor interferon regulatory factor 3. Initiation of these pathways leads to the expression of type I interferons and proteins associated with antiviral and antitumor immunity. Small molecules capable of triggering STING-dependent cellular processes are effective at blocking virus replication, enhancing vaccine efficacy, and facilitating immune response to cancer cells.

STING 相关产品 (7):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-12885B
    ML RR-S2 CDA ammonium salt Activator 99.23%
    ML RR-S2 CDA ammonium salt 可诱导干扰素基因刺激物。对 STING 具有强结合亲和力,激活人 STING 等位基因。
  • HY-100941
    CCCP Inhibitor 99.83%
    CCCP 通过破坏线粒体膜电位 (MMP) 来抑制 STING 介导的 IFN-β 产生。CCCP 且抑制 STING 及其下游信号分子 TBK1 和 IRF3 的激活。
  • HY-10964
    DMXAA Agonist 99.81%
    DMXAA 是血管破坏剂,是干扰素基因刺激因子 (STING) 的鼠激动剂,也是 I 型 IFN 和其他细胞因子的有效诱导剂。
  • HY-19711
    STING agonist-1 Agonist 99.06%
    STING agonist-1 (G10) 是一种新型人类特异性的STING激动剂, 针对新出现的甲病毒, 可引发抗病毒活性, G10有效抑制甲病毒属委内瑞拉马脑脊髓炎病毒 (VEEV) 复制 (IC90=24.57 μM)。
  • HY-12885
    ML RR-S2 CDA Activator 99.23%
    ML RR-S2 CDA可诱导干扰素基因刺激物。对STING具有强结合亲和力,激活人STING等位基因。
  • HY-107780
    Cyclic-di-GMP Agonist 99.26%
    Cyclic-di-GMP 是 STING 的激动剂也是一个可以调节不同细菌物种的生物膜形成,运动性和毒力的第二信使。
  • HY-12512
    cGAMP Activator 98.56%
    cGAMP(Cyclic GMP-AMP)是多细胞动物内源性第二信使,能激发干扰素的产生,STING配体和活化剂。
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