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  2. Cathepsin


Cathepsins are proteases (enzymes that degrades proteins) found in all animals as well as other organisms. The cathepsin family of proteolytic enzymes contains several diverse classes of proteases. Most of the members become activated at the low pH found in lysosomes. The activity of this family lies almost entirely within those organelles. Cathepsins have a vital role in mammalian cellular turnover, e.g. bone resorption. They degrade polypeptides and are distinguished by their substratespecificities. Classification: Cathepsin A, Cathepsin B, Cathepsin C, Cathepsin D, Cathepsin E, Cathepsin F, Cathepsin G, Cathepsin H, Cathepsin K, Cathepsin L1, Cathepsin L2, Cathepsin O, Cathepsin S, Cathepsin W, Cathepsin Z. Most cathepsins are lysosomal and each is involved in cellular metabolism, participating in various events such as peptide biosynthesis and protein degradation. Cathepsins may also cleave some protein precursors, thereby releasing regulatory peptides.

Cathepsin 相关产品 (11):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-15282
    E-64 Inhibitor 98.45%
    E-64 是一种有效的不可逆的半胱氨酸蛋白酶 (cysteine proteases) 抑制剂,抑制 papainIC50 为 9 nM。
  • HY-P0018
    Pepstatin Inhibitor 98.45%
    Pepstatin 是一种有效的 aspartyl proteases 抑制剂,抑制天冬氨酸的蛋白酶组织蛋白酶D,胃蛋白酶和肾素。
  • HY-100229
    Aloxistatin Inhibitor 98.22%
    Aloxistatin (E64d) 是一种广谱的可渗透细胞的半胱氨酸蛋白酶 (cysteine protease) 抑制剂。
  • HY-18234A
    Leupeptin hemisulfate Inhibitor >98.0%
    Leupeptin 半硫酸盐是一种可逆的, 竞争性丝氨酸/半胱氨酸蛋白酶抑制剂, 可抑制组织蛋白酶B, H, L和S, 钙蛋白酶, 和胰蛋白酶, Leupeptin半硫酸盐是一种口服活性的抗氧化和抗炎剂。
  • HY-10042
    Odanacatib Inhibitor 99.80%
    Odanacatib 是一种有效的,选择性的,中性的 cathepsin K 抑制剂,抑制人和兔的 cathepsin K 活性,IC50 值分别为 0.2 nM/1 nM;对其选择性比对 cathepsin B,athepsin L 和 athepsin S 的高。
  • HY-103350
    CA-074 Inhibitor 98.92%
    CA-074是组织蛋白酶B (cathepsin B) 的有效抑制剂, Ki 值为2 to 5 nM。
  • HY-100350
    CA-074 methyl ester Inhibitor 98.40%
    CA-074 methyl ester 是一种特异性的 Cathepsin B 抑制剂,具有保护神经,抗癌、抗炎等多种生物活性。
  • HY-15533
    LY 3000328 Inhibitor 98.62%
    LY 3000328 是一种有效的选择性 Cathepsin S (Cat S)抑制剂,作用于 hCat S 和 mCat S,IC50 分别为 7.7±5.85 nM 和 1.67±1.17 nM。
  • HY-15958
    VBY-825 Inhibitor >98.0%
    VBY-825是cathepsin新型可逆抑制剂,对cathepsin B, L, S和V都具有很高的抑制力。
  • HY-15100
    Balicatib Inhibitor
  • HY-50887
    MK-0822 Inhibitor
    MK-0822 是一种选择性的,可口服的,可逆的 cathepsin K 抑制剂,常用于绝经后骨质疏松症的研究。