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GPR120 (G-protein coupled receptor 120) is a protein that in humans is encoded by the GPR120 gene. GPR120 is a member of the rhodopsin family of G protein-coupled receptors (GPRs). GPR120 has also been shown to mediate the anti-inflammatory and insulin-sensitizing effects of omega 3 fatty acids. Lack of GPR120 is responsible for reduced fat metabolism, thereby leading to obesity.

GPR120 相关产品 (8):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-100881
    TUG-891 Agonist 99.20%
    TUG-891 是有效的,选择性的长链游离脂肪酸受体4 (FFA4/GPR120) 的激动剂。
  • HY-19995
    GSK137647A Agonist 99.51%
  • HY-N0040
    Ginsenoside Rb2 Activator 98.26%
    Ginsenoside Rb2 是人参提取物的主要生物活性成分之一。Ginsenoside Rb2 可以上调 GPR120 基因表达。Ginsenoside Rb2 具有抗病毒作用。
  • HY-101492
    GPR120-IN-1 Agonist 99.08%
  • HY-111353
    GPR120 Agonist 2 Agonist 98.12%
    GPR120 Agonist 2 是一个 GPR120 激动剂,来自专利 US 20110313003 A1,实例 209。
  • HY-50162
    GPR120 modulator 1 Modulator 98.62%
    GPR120 modulator 1可用于调节GPR120。
  • HY-50172
    GPR120 modulator 2 Modulator
    GPR120 modulator 2可用于调节GPR120。
  • HY-108711
    GPR120 Agonist 1 Agonist
    GPR120 Agonist 1 是一种有效、选择性的 GPR120 激动剂,具有良好的抗糖尿病作用和安全性,可作为开发候选药物。
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