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Autophagosome-tethering compound (ATTEC) degrades target proteins via lysosomal pathway rather than common proteasome pathway. ATTEC degrades target proteins by molecular glue mechanism, and its molecular weight is smaller than AUTAC. ATTEC shorten the distance between LC3 receptor and target protein and then the target protein was phagocytosed and transferred into lysosomal for degradation.

ATTECs 相关产品 (2):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-130259
    LC3-mHTT-IN-AN2 7758-73-8
    LC3-mHTT-IN-AN2 (Compound AN2) 是一种 mHTT-LC3 连接化合物,LC3-mHTT-IN-AN2 与突变型亨廷顿蛋白 (mHTT) 和 LC3B 相互作用,但不与 wtHTT 或无关的对照蛋白相互作用。LC3-mHTT-IN-AN2 以等位基因选择性的方式降低了亨廷顿病 (HD) 小鼠神经元中mHTT水平。
  • HY-130258
    LC3-mHTT-IN-AN1 486443-73-6
    LC3-mHTT-IN-AN1 (Compound AN1) 是一种 mHTT-LC3 连接化合物,LC3-mHTT-IN-AN1 与突变型亨廷顿蛋白 (mHTT) 和 LC3B 相互作用,但不与 wtHTT 或无关的对照蛋白相互作用。LC3-mHTT-IN-AN1 以等位基因选择性的方式降低了亨廷顿病 (HD) 小鼠神经元中mHTT水平。
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