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Amylin Receptor (胰淀素受体)

Amylin receptors (AMYRs) are G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), which respond to the peptide hormones amylin and calcitonin. Amylin was originally discovered as the main constituent of pancreatic islet amyloid deposits in type 2 diabetics and in diabetic cats, amylin is also a physiologically relevant circulating peptide hormone. Amylin receptors are heterodimers comprising the calcitonin receptor, which is a G protein–coupled receptor, and one of three receptor-modifying proteins. An impediment to functional studies is that it is difficult to separate amylin receptor phenotypes from calcitonin receptor phenotypes. Amylin receptors are targets for treating obesity and metabolic disorders.

Amylin Receptor 相关产品 (2):

目录号 产品名 作用方式 纯度
  • HY-P1871A
    Amylin (IAPP), feline TFA 98.75%
    Amylin (IAPP), feline TFA 是来源于猫科动物的含有 37 个氨基酸的多肽。Amylin (IAPP), feline TFA 是胰岛 β 细胞的主要分泌产物之一。Amylin (IAPP), feline TFA 是一种调节肽,可抑制胰岛素和胰高血糖素的分泌。
  • HY-P1871
    Amylin (IAPP), feline
    Amylin (IAPP), feline 是来源于猫科动物的含有 37 个氨基酸的多肽。Amylin (IAPP), feline 是胰岛 β 细胞的主要分泌产物之一。Amylin (IAPP), feline 是一种调节肽,可抑制胰岛素和胰高血糖素的分泌。
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