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Beclin 1, also named Atg6, is highly conserved in eukaryotes and belongs to theautophagy-related (Atg) family of proteins. Beclin 1 is a well-established regulator of autophagy, a process essential for mammalian survival. Beclin 1 performs both of its autophagy and membrane trafficking functions by interacting with several other proteins—primarily vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 15 (VPS15), VPS34, UV radiation resistance-associated gene product (UVRAG), and autophagy-related protein 14 (ATG14). Together, these assemble into two different Class III PI3K complexes, Complex 1 (C1) and Complex 2 (C2), depending on whether ATG14 or UVRAG respectively is present. Within these complexes, the catalytic lipid kinase subunit, VSP34, is responsible for the phosphorylation of PtdIns, which then mediates autophagy and/or membrane trafficking functions through the recruitment of effector proteins.

Beclin1 相关产品 (2):

目录号 产品名 作用方式 纯度
  • HY-B0239


    Activator 99.82%
    Chloramphenicol 是一种口服有效的广谱抗生素 (antibiotic)。Chloramphenicol 具有抗菌 (antibacterial) 活性。Chloramphenicol 抑制缺氧 A549 和 H1299 细胞中氧不稳定转录因子和缺氧诱导因子-1α (HIF-1α)。Chloramphenicol 可抑制血管内皮生长因子 (VEGF) 和葡萄糖转运蛋白 1 (glucose transporter 1) 的 mRNA 水平,最终降低 VEGF 的释放。Chloramphenicol 可用于厌氧菌感染和肺癌研究。
  • HY-134050
    Apostatin-1 Modulator 99.24%
    Apostatin-1 (Apt-1) 是一种有效的 TRADD 抑制剂。Apostatin-1 可与 TRADD-N 结合 (KD=2.17 μM),破坏其与 TRADD-C 和 TRAF2 的结合。Apostatin-1 调节 RIPK1beclin 1 的泛素化。Apostatin-1 通过激活突变 tau、α-synuclein 或 huntingtin 积累的细胞中的自噬 (autophagy),阻断凋亡 (apoptosis),并恢复细胞内稳态。