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Arginase (精氨酸酶)

Arginase (ARG) is an enzyme involved in urea cycle, where it catalyzes the hydrolysis of L-arginine into L-ornithine and urea. There are two distinct isoforms of arginase, arginase I and II, which are encoded by separate genes and display differences in tissue distribution, subcellular localization, and molecular regulation. Arginase activity has two major homeostatic purposes: first, to rid the body of ammonia through urea synthesis, and second, to produce ornithine, the precursor for polyamines and prolines. Polyamines produced through ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) are necessary for cell proliferation and regulation of several ion channels. Proline produced through ornithine aminotransferase (OAT) is necessary for production of collagen.

Arginase I is a cytosolic enzyme that is abundantly expressed in the liver and plays an essential role in hepatic urea cycle. In contrast, arginase II is a mitochondrial enzyme that is widely expressed outside the liver, most prominently in the kidney and prostate. Arginase functions important for protection against NH3 toxicity and cell growth and repair. Excessive arginase activity in mammals has been associated with cardiovascular and nervous system dysfunction and disease. Two relevant aspects of this elevated activity may be involved in these disease states. First, excessive arginase activity reduces the supply of L-arginine needed by nitric oxide (NO) synthase to produce NO. Second, excessive production of ornithine leads to vascular structural problems and neural toxicity. In addition, Arginase is a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of sexual arousal disorders in men and women.

Arginase 相关产品 (18):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-112885B
    nor-NOHA monoacetate Inhibitor 99.96%
    nor-NOHA monoacetate 是一种选择性的,可逆的 arginase 抑制剂。nor-NOHA monoacetate 在缺氧条件诱导 ARG2 表达细胞的凋亡 (apoptosis)。nor-NOHA monoacetate 有抗白血病的活性。nor-NOHA monoacetate 可用于研究内皮功能障碍、免疫抑制及代谢。
    nor-NOHA monoacetate
  • HY-101979A
    Numidargistat dihydrochloride Inhibitor 98.65%
    Numidargistat (CB-1158) dihydrochloride 是一种有效的,具有口服活性的精氨酸酶 (arginase) 抑制剂,对重组人 arginase 1arginase 2IC50 值分别为 86 nM 和 296 nM。免疫肿瘤剂。
    Numidargistat dihydrochloride
  • HY-19548A
    BEC hydrochloride Inhibitor ≥98.0%
    BEC hydrochloride 是一种缓慢结合的竞争性精氨酸酶 II ( Arginase II) 抑制剂,在 pH 7.5 和 pH 9.5 时 Ki 值分别为 0.31 μM 和 30 nM。
    BEC hydrochloride
  • HY-101979
    Numidargistat Inhibitor ≥98.0%
    Numidargistat (CB-1158) 是一种有效的,具有口服活性的精氨酸酶 (arginase) 抑制剂,对重组人 arginase 1arginase 2IC50 值分别为 86 nM 和 296 nM。免疫肿瘤剂。
  • HY-15775
    Arginase inhibitor 1 Inhibitor ≥98.0%
    Arginase inhibitor 1 是一种有效的人精氨酸酶 (arginases III)抑制剂,IC50 分别为 223 和 509 nM。
    Arginase inhibitor 1
  • HY-19548
    BEC Inhibitor
    BEC 是一种精氨酸类似物,是双核锰金属酶精氨酸酶的缓慢结合竞争性抑制剂。BEC 增强 NO 合酶的底物通量,从而增强海绵体中 NO 依赖性平滑肌松弛,并增强阴茎勃起。
  • HY-161061
    Arginase inhibitor 7 Inhibitor
    Arginase Inhibitor 7 (compound A17) 是一种精氨酸酶 (ARG1) 抑制剂,IC50 为 0.16 μM。Arginase Inhibitor 7 具有较高的口服生物利用度。
    Arginase inhibitor 7
  • HY-W062216


    2-Aminoimidazole 是一种有效的抗生物膜剂,可用作抗菌佐剂。2-Aminoimidazole 通过抑制生物被膜的形成和基因编码的抗生素抗性特征来破坏细菌自我保护的能力。2-Aminoimidazole 也是一种弱的非竞争性人精氨酸酶 I (human arginase I) 抑制剂,Ki 值为 3.6 mM。
  • HY-N2963
    Broussonin E Activator 98.18%
    Broussonin E 是一种酚类化合物,具有抗炎活性。Broussonin E 可以通过抑制 ERKp38 MAPK,增强 JAK2-STAT3 信号通路,调节巨噬细胞的激活状态来抑制炎症。Broussonin E 可用于动脉粥样硬化等炎症相关疾病的研究。
    Broussonin E
  • HY-N2237
    Piceatannol 3'-O-glucoside

    白皮杉醇 3'-O-葡萄糖苷

    Inhibitor 99.87%
    Piceatannol 3'-O-glucoside 是 Rhubarb 的一种活性成分,通过抑制精氨酸酶 (Arginase) 活性激活内皮细胞一氧化氮合酶 (NO synthase),抑制 Arginase IArginase IIIC50 值分别为 11.22 μM 和 11.06 μM。
    Piceatannol 3'-O-glucoside
  • HY-112868B
    ABH hydrochloride Inhibitor
    ABH (hydrochloride) 是一种有效的精氨酸 (arginase) 抑制剂。ABH (hydrochloride) 可用于抗炎研究。
    ABH hydrochloride
  • HY-W010510
    DL-Norvaline Inhibitor ≥98.0%
    DL-Norvaline 是 L-norvaline 的代谢物,L-norvaline 是精氨酸酶 (arginase) 的非竞争性抑制剂。
  • HY-155108
    OATD-02 Inhibitor
    OATD-02 是一种口服有效的、竞争性的、可逆的、非共价结合的 Arginase12 的双重抑制剂。OATD-02 是一种缓释抑制剂,能有效阻断细胞内精氨酸酶的活性,IC50s 值分别为 20 nM (hARG1), 39 nM (hARG2), 39 nM (mARG1), 和 28 nM (rARG1)。OATD-02 可消除两种精氨酸酶诱导的肿瘤免疫抑制。OATD-02 可用于黑色素瘤的研究。
  • HY-112885A
    nor-NOHA acetate Inhibitor ≥99.0%
    nor-NOHA acetate (Nω-Hydroxy-nor-L-arginine acetate) 是一种特异性、可逆的 arginase 抑制剂,在缺氧条件下,可诱导 ARG2 表达细胞的凋亡。具有抗白血病的作用,同时在内皮功能障碍、免疫抑制及代谢中有效。
    nor-NOHA acetate
  • HY-145331A
    ARG1-IN-1 hydrochloride Inhibitor
    ARG1-IN-1 (example 1) hydrochloride 是一种人精氨酸酶 1 抑制剂,IC50 为 29 nM。
    ARG1-IN-1 hydrochloride
  • HY-145331
    ARG1-IN-1 Inhibitor
    ARG1-IN-1 (example 1) 是一种人精氨酸酶 1 抑制剂,IC50 为 29 nM。
  • HY-N11451
    Lacto-N-fucopentaose III Activator
    Lacto-N-fucopentaose III (LNFP-III) 是一种免疫调节剂。Lacto-N-fucopentaose III 可降低实验性自身免疫性脑脊髓炎 (EAE) 和中枢神经系统炎症的严重程度。
    Lacto-N-fucopentaose III
  • HY-112885C
    nor-NOHA dihydrochloride


    Inhibitor 98.85%
    nor-NOHA dihydrochloride 是一种选择性的,可逆的 arginase 抑制剂。nor-NOHA dihydrochloride 在缺氧条件诱导 ARG2 表达细胞的 apoptosis。nor-NOHA dihydrochloride 有抗白血病的活性。nor-NOHA dihydrochloride 可用于研究内皮功能障碍、免疫抑制及代谢。
    nor-NOHA dihydrochloride