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PKD (蛋白激酶D)

Protein kinase D

PKD (Protein kinase D) is an evolutionarily conserved protein kinase family with structural, enzymological, and regulatory properties different from the PKC family members. Signaling through PKD is induced by a remarkable number of stimuli, including G-protein-coupled receptor agonists and polypeptide growth factors. PKD family of serine/threonine protein kinases has three members: PKD1, PKD2, PKD3. PKD1, the most studied member of the family, is increasingly implicated in the regulation of a complex array of fundamental biological processes, including signal transduction, cell proliferation and differentiation, membrane trafficking, secretion, immune regulation, cardiac hypertrophy and contraction, angiogenesis, and cancer. PKD mediates such a diverse array of normal and abnormal biological functions via dynamic changes in its spatial and temporal localization, combined with its distinct substrate specificity.

PKD 亚型特异性产品:

目录号 产品名 作用方式 纯度
  • HY-15698A
    CRT0066101 dihydrochloride Inhibitor 99.88%
    CRT0066101 dihydrochloride是有效,选择性的 PKD 抑制剂,对PKD1,2和3的IC50值分别为1,2.5和2 nM。
  • HY-12239
    CID755673 Inhibitor 99.12%
    CID755673是高效选择性的PKD1抑制剂,IC50 of 值为182 nM。
  • HY-15528
    kb NB 142-70 Inhibitor 98.85%
    kb NB 142-70 是一种有效的 PKD 抑制剂,对 PKD1PKD2PKD3IC50 值分别为 28.3 nM,58.7 nM 和 53.2 nM;kb NB 142-70 同时具有抗肿瘤活性。
  • HY-13454
    CID 2011756 Inhibitor
    CID 2011756 是一种广谱的,ATP 竞争性的 PKD 抑制剂,对 PKD1IC50 值为 3.2 µM,在细胞中对 PKD2PKD3IC50 值分别为 0.6 和 0.7 µM;CID 2011756 同时具有抗肿瘤活性。
  • HY-151372
    Protein kinase D inhibitor 1 Inhibitor
    Protein kinase D inhibitor 1 (compound 17m) 是一种有效的泛 PKD 抑制剂,IC50 为 17~35 nM。Protein kinase D inhibitor 1 可抑制 PKD 依赖性的皮质激素磷酸化。
  • HY-131962
    PKD-IN-1 Inhibitor
    PKD-IN-1 (化合物 32) 是一种氨基乙胺芳基 (AEAA) 化合物,可作为 PKD-1 抑制剂。PKD-IN-1 可用于蛋白激酶 D (PKD) 介导的疾病研究。
  • HY-118052
    BPKDi Inhibitor
    BPKDi 是一种有效的联吡啶 PKD 抑制剂,对 PKD1、PKD2 和 PKD3IC50 分别为 1 nM、9 nM 和 1 nM。BPKDi 阻断心肌细胞中 IIa 类 HDAC 的信号依赖性磷酸化和核输出。
  • HY-151374
    3-IN-PP1 Inhibitor
    3-IN-PP1 是一种蛋白激酶 D (PKD) 抑制剂。 3-IN-PP1 对 PKD1、PKD2 和 PKD3 具有有效广泛的 PKD 抑制活性, IC50 值分别为 108、94 和 108 nM。3-IN-PP1 也是一种广谱抗癌剂,对多种肿瘤细胞的生长有抑制作用。3-IN-PP1 可用于癌症研究。
  • HY-112547
    CRT5 Inhibitor
    CRT5 是一种吡嗪苯甲酰胺,对经 VEGF 处理的内皮细胞中的所有三种 PKD 亚型 (对 PKD1、PKD2 和 PKD3IC50s 分别为 1、2 和 1.5 nM) 都是一种有效的选择性抑制剂。CRT5 减少 VEGF 诱导的内皮细胞迁移、增殖和微管生成。

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