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Circulating Tumor Cell(CTC)循环肿瘤细胞


In 1869, Ashworth first proposed the concept of circulating tumor cells. Afterwards, it was supplemented and revised by Nowell: originating from the primary tumor or metastatic tumor, gaining the ability to break away from the basement membrane and invade tumor cells that enter blood vessels through the tissue matrix. At present, it mainly refers to various tumor cells existing in peripheral blood.

1869年,Ashworth首次提出循环肿瘤细胞的概念,后经 Nowell 补充修正为:来源于原发肿瘤或转移肿瘤,获得脱离基底膜的能力并入侵通过组织基质进入血管的肿瘤细胞,目前其主要是指存在于外周血中的各类肿瘤细胞。

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