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Fatty acid-binding proteins (FABPs) are members of the intracellular lipid-binding protein (iLBP) family and are involved in reversibly binding intracellular hydrophobic ligands and trafficking them throughout cellular compartments, including the peroxisomes, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum and nucleus. FABPs are small, structurally conserved cytosolic proteins consisting of a water-filled, interior-binding pocket surrounded by ten anti-parallel beta sheets, forming a beta barrel. At the superior surface, two alpha-helices cap the pocket and are thought to regulate binding. FABPs have broad specificity, including the ability to bind long-chain (C16-C20) fatty acids, eicosanoids, bile salts and peroxisome proliferators.

FABPs are ubiquitously expressed throughout tissues that are highly active in FA metabolism and comprise several isoforms. To date, nine FABP protein-coding genes have been identified in the human genome. These include liver (L-FABP), intestine- (I-FABP), heart- (H-FABP), adipocyte- (A-FABP), epidermal- (E-FABP), ileal- (Il-FABP), brain- (B-FABP), myelin- (M-FABP) and testis-FABP (T-FABP).

FABP 相关产品 (6):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-101903
    BMS-309403 Inhibitor 99.05%
    BMS-309403 是一种有效的,选择性的,细胞可渗透性的脂肪细胞脂肪酸结合蛋白 (FABP4) 抑制剂,Ki 值小于 2 nM。BMS-309403 对 FABP3 的 Ki 值为 250 nM,对 FABP5 的 Ki 值为 350 nM。BMS-309403 与蛋白质内部的脂肪酸结合囊相互作用,竞争性地抑制内源性脂肪酸的结合。
  • HY-117506B
    SBFI-26 Inhibitor 98.62%
    SBFI-26 是一种选择性和竞争性的脂肪酸结合蛋白 FABP5FABP7 抑制剂, 对 FABP5 和 FABP7 作用的 Ki 值分别为 0.9 μM 和 0.4 μM。SBFI-26 具有抗伤害性和抗炎作用。
  • HY-101503
    HTS01037 Antagonist 99.76%
    HTS01037是结合脂肪酸的抑制剂。它也是由AFABP / aP2介导的蛋白质-蛋白质相互作用的拮抗剂,Ki值为0.67 μM。
  • HY-117506
    (S)-SBFI-26 Inhibitor
    (S)-SBFI-26 是 SBFI-26 的 (S) 对映体,SBFI-26 是一种抗伤害性强的物质,能与大麻素转运蛋白 FABP5 和 FABP7 结合。(S)-SBFI-26 具有抗伤害性和抗炎作用。
  • HY-129911
    FABP-IN-1 Inhibitor
    FABP-IN-1(Compounds 4b) 是一种高亲和力脂肪酸结合蛋白 (FABP) 抑制剂。FABP-IN-1 抑制 FABP3FABP5FABP7Ki 值分别为 0.69 μM,0.55 μM 和 0.67 μM,并具有有效的镇痛作用。
  • HY-129910
    FABP5-IN-1 Inhibitor
    FABP5-IN-1 (Compounds 4j) 是一种选择性,高亲和力脂肪酸结合蛋白 5 (FABP5) 抑制剂,Ki 值为 1.7 μM,与 FABP3 和 FABP7 均不结合,并具有有效的镇痛作用。
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