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  3. Monocarboxylate Transporter
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Monocarboxylate transporter 1 (MCT1) also known as solute carrier family 16 member 1 (SLC16A1). The major physiological role of MCT1 is to facilitate lactic acid entry into or efflux out of cells depending on their metabolic state. In liver parenchymal cells and the proximal convoluted tubule cells of the kidney, MCT1 may be used to transport L-lactate into the cells for gluconeogenesis for which it is a major substrate, especially after exercise. In the heart and red skeletal muscle, MCT1 is required for lactate and ketone bodies to enter the myocytes and be oxidized as a major respiratory fuel under conditions when their concentrations are elevated. Indeed, in skeletal muscle, there is a strong correlation between the amount of MCT1 expressed in muscle fibers and their oxidative capacity (mitochondrial content.MCT1 also facilitates the transport of these same monocarboxylates across the blood brain barrier for uptake into neurons (via MCT1 or MCT2) which, like red skeletal muscle, use them as respiratory fuels. In both muscle and the brain, there is cooperation between MCT isoforms involved in lactic acid efflux and influx by different cell types within the same tissue.

MCT1 相关产品 (5):

目录号 产品名 作用方式 纯度
  • HY-12750
    AZD3965 Inhibitor 99.95%
    AZD3965是选择性的 MCT1 抑制剂,Ki 值为1.6 nM,比MCT2的选择性高6倍。
  • HY-13248
    AR-C155858 Inhibitor 99.62%
    AR-C155858是选择性的单羧酸转运蛋白 MCT1MCT2 抑制剂,Ki 分别为2.3 nM和10 nM。
  • HY-N4115
    Syrosingopine Inhibitor 99.30%
    Syrosingopine (Su 3118) 是一种口服有效的乳酸转运蛋白 MCT1/MCT4 双重抑制剂,可减少糖酵解并可与二甲双胍联合后诱导癌细胞的合成致死性。Syrosingopine 可通过耗损去甲肾上腺素显示抗高血压活性。
  • HY-122312
    BAY-8002 Inhibitor 98.39%
    BAY-8002 是一种有效、选择性、可口服的单羧酸转运蛋白第 1 亚型 (monocarboxylate transporter 1 (MCT1)) 抑制剂,在表达 MCT1 的 DLD-1 细胞中,IC50 值为 85 nM,对 MCT1 的选择性远高于 MCT4。具有抗肿瘤活性。
  • HY-18974
    MCT1-IN-2 Inhibitor 99.16%
    MCT1-IN-2 是有效的单羧酸盐转运蛋白 1 (MCT1) 抑制剂。MCT1-IN-2 具有抗癌活性。