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PROTAC-Linker Conjugates for PAC 

PROTAC-Linker for PROTAC-antibody Conjugates

PROTAC-linker Conjugate for PAC comprises an antibody conjugated via a linker to a PROTAC. The PROTAC-Antibody Conjugate (PAC) molecules comprise an antibody conjugated via a linker (L1) to a PROTAC, wherein the PROTAC comprises an ubiquitin E3 ligase binding groug (“E3LB”), a linker (“L2”) and a protein binding group (“PB”). To obtain a PAC having potent efficacy and a desirable therapeutic index, the following components are provided. 1. Antibody (Ab): The antibody portion of a PAC can target a cell that expresses an antigen whereby the antigen specific PAC is delivered intracellularly to the target cell, typically through endocytosis While PACs that comprise an antibody directed to an antigen that is not found on the cell surface may result in less specific intracellular delivery of the PROTAC portion into the cell, the PAC may still undergo pinocytosis. 2. Linkers (L1): A“linker” (L1) is a bifunctional or multifunctional moiety that can be used to link one or more PROTAC moieties (D) to an antibody (Ab) to form a PAC. In some embodiments, PACs can be prepared using a L1 having reactive functionalities for covalently attaching to the PROTAC and to the antibody. 3. PROTAC(D).

PROTAC-Linker Conjugates for PAC 相关产品 (4):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-112100
    PROTAC ERα Degrader-5 2158322-33-7 98.96%
    PROTAC ERα Degrader-5 (compound LP2) 由 ADC 连接子和 PROTAC 组成,可与抗体缀合形成 PAC。 与 PROTAC(无抗体)相比,与抗体缀合的 PROTAC ERα Degrader-5 是一种更显着的雌激素受体 α (ERα) 降解剂。
    PROTAC ERα Degrader-5
  • HY-133736
    PROTAC BRD4 Degrader-5-CO-PEG3-N3 2704602-92-4 99.73%
    PROTAC BRD4 Degrader-5-CO-PEG3-N3 (Compound 2) 一种用于 PAC 的 PROTAC- linker 偶联物,包含 BRD4 降解剂 GNE-987 和 3 个 PEG 的 linker。PROTAC BRD4 Degrader-5-CO-PEG3-N3 是一种点击化学试剂。它含有 Azide 基团,可以和含有 Alkyne 基团的分子发生铜催化的叠氮-炔环加成反应(CuAAc)。还可以和含有 DBCO 或 BCN 基团的分子发生菌株促进的炔-叠氮环加成反应 (SPAAC)。
    PROTAC BRD4 Degrader-5-CO-PEG3-N3
  • HY-129938
    PROTAC BRD4 Degrader-24 2417370-39-7 99.61%
    PROTAC BRD4 Degrader-24 (compound 5),是一种用于 PAC 的 PROTAC- linker 偶联物,包含嵌合体 BET 降解剂 GNE-987 和含二硫化物的 linker。
    PROTAC BRD4 Degrader-24
  • HY-160497
    MC-(β-Ala)-PABC-(β-D-GlcUA)-amide-PEG1-CH2-CC-885 2722697-86-9
    MC-(β-Ala)-PABC-(β-D-GlcUA)-amide-PEG1-CH2-CC-885 (Comp Ie) 是一种新降解剂偶联物,可用于合成抗体新降解剂偶联活性分子 (AnDC)。