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Huntingtin (HTT) is a soluble 3144 amino acid (348 kDa) protein, with the highest levels of expression being found in the CNS and testes. An abnormal expansion of a glutamine stretch (polyQ) in N-terminal sequence of huntingtin leads to the devastating neurodegenerative disorder Huntington's disease (HD). Subcellular fractionation and microscopic studies have shown that huntingtin is associated with vesicles and microtubules by interacting with huntingtin-associated protein 1 (HAP1), which is reported to form a complex with the dynactin and modulate or regulate the dynein–dynactin complex. There is evidence that huntingtin participates in post-Golgi trafficking of proteins that follow the regulated secretory pathway.

Huntingtin 相关产品 (3):

目录号 产品名 作用方式 纯度
  • HY-132579
    Tominersen (RG6042) 是第二代 2′-O-(2-甲氧基乙基) 反义寡核苷酸,靶向亨廷蛋白 (HTT) mRNA,有效抑制 HTT 的合成。Tominersen 能在小鼠中提高存活率并减少脑萎缩。Tominersen 可用于亨廷顿病 (HD) 的研究。
  • HY-132593
    Rovanersen (WVE-120101) 是一种反义寡核苷酸,通过特异靶向 huntingtin (HTT) 基因的突变mRNA拷贝,而不影响正常的 HTT基因的mRNA,从而防止有缺陷的 huntingtin 蛋白的产生。Rovanersen 可用于亨廷顿病的研究。
  • HY-132594
    Lexanersen (WVE-120102) 是可用于亨廷顿舞蹈症研究的寡核苷酸。
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