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  2. CEACAM3 - CEA cell adhesion molecule 3 Gene

CEACAM3 - CEA cell adhesion molecule 3 Gene

中文名称:CEA 细胞粘附分子 3

种属: Homo sapiens

同用名: CEA; CGM1; W264; W282; CD66D

基因 ID: 1084 | 基因类型: protein coding


Cytogenetic location: 19q13.2 Genomic coordinates (GRCh38): 19:41,796,587-41,811,554 (from NCBI)

This gene has 8 transcripts (splice variants), 559 orthologues, 24 paralogues and is associated with 1 phenotype. Biased expression in bone marrow (RPKM 11.7), appendix (RPKM 5.0) and 3 other tissues.


该基因编码癌胚抗原相关细胞粘附分子 (CEACAM) 家族的成员,几种细菌病原体使用这些分子结合并侵入宿主细胞。编码的跨膜蛋白指导几种依赖于小 GTPase Rac 的细菌物种的吞噬作用。它被认为在通过先天免疫系统控制人类特异性病原体方面发挥重要作用。已经描述了选择性剪接的转录物变体。[RefSeq 提供,2013 年 3 月]

This gene encodes a member of the family of carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecules (CEACAMs), which are used by several Bacterial pathogens to bind and invade host cells. The encoded transmembrane protein directs phagocytosis of several Bacterial species that is dependent on the small GTPase Rac. It is thought to serve an important role in controlling human-specific pathogens by the innate immune system. Alternatively spliced transcript variants have been described. [provided by RefSeq, Mar 2013]

CEACAM3 基因产物(2)

mRNA Protein Name
NM_001277163.3 NP_001264092.1 carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 3 isoform 2 precursor
NM_001815.5 NP_001806.2 carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 3 isoform 1 precursor

CEACAM3 蛋白结构


V-set: Immunoglobulin V-set domain (40 - 140)

  • 0
  • 100
  • 200
  • 252 a.a.
蛋白主名 其他名称

carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 3

CD66d antigen

重组 CEACAM3 蛋白

目录号 产品名 蛋白编号 纯度
HY-P72130 CEACAM3 Protein, Human (His-SUMO) P40198 (K35-G155) ≥95%
HY-P72694 CEACAM3 Protein, Human (HEK293, His) P40198 (K35-G155) ≥95%


疾病名称 别名
Mucinous Cystadenocarcinoma

Cystadenocarcinoma, Mucinous

Pseudomucinous Cystadenocarcinoma

Cystadenocarcinoma Mucinous

Cystic Fibrosis



Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Susceptibility To Chronic Infection By, In Cystic Fibrosis

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Chronic Infection By, In Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease, Modifier Of

Cystic Fibrosis Of Pancreas

Fibrocystic Disease Of Pancreas

Cf - [Cystic Fibrosis]

Cystic Fibrosis Nos

Fibrocystic Disease

Fibrocystic Disease Of The Pancreas

Mucoviscidosis Of Pancreas

Nonproliferative Fibrocystic Disease

Pancreatic Cystic Fibrosis

Chronic Gonococcal Salpingitis

Gonococcal Salpingitis

Acute Salpingitis
Thymic Carcinoma

Malignant Thymoma

Thymoma, Malignant

Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis
Bile Duct Adenoma


Adenoma Bile Duct

Adenoma, Bile Duct

Colorectal Cancer

Colon Cancer

Colorectal Carcinoma

Colon Carcinoma

Colorectal Cancer, Susceptibility To

Carcinoma Of Colon


Colorectal Cancer With Chromosomal Instability, Somatic

Colon Cancer, Somatic

Colon Cancer, Susceptibility To

Colonic Neoplasms

Colorectal Neoplasms

Colorectal Cancer, Somatic

Colon Cancer, Advanced, Somatic

Colonic Carcinoma

Colorectal Carcinomas

Colon Cancers

Colorectal Cancers

Cancer, Colorectal, Somatic

Cancer, Colon

Cancer, Colorectal, Susceptibility To

Colorectal Neoplasm

Colonic Neoplasm

Malignant Tumor Of Colon




Notochordal Sarcoma

Chordoma, Susceptibility To







Mixed Tumor, Mullerian

Malignant Mixed Mesodermal Tumor

Malignant Mixed Mullerian Tumor


Mixed Tumor, Mesodermal

Mesodermal Mixed Tumor

Mixed Mesodermal Tumor

Mullerian Mixed Tumor

Mixed Mullerian Tumor

Malignant Mixed Müllerian Tumor

Mixed Müllerian Tumor

Mixed Tumor Mullerian

Mixed Tumor, Not Otherwise Specified

Mesothelioma, Malignant

Malignant Mesothelioma

Pleural Mesothelioma


Mesothelioma, Somatic

Advanced Malignant Mesothelioma

Asbestos-Related Malignant Mesothelioma

Diffuse Malignant Mesothelioma

Malignant Tumor Of Mesothelium

Malignant Mesothelioma, Susceptibility To

Mesothelioma Diffuse Malignant


Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma

Large Cell Carcinoma

Carcinoma, Large Cell

Carcinoma Large Cell

Chronic Salpingitis
Paget Disease, Extramammary

Extramammary Paget Disease

Cutaneous Paget'S Disease

Extramammary Paget'S Disease

Paget Disease Extramammary

Cutaneous Paget Disease

Paget'S Disease Of Skin


Extramammary Pagets Disease


Cholangiocarcinoma, Susceptibility To

Extrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma


Chlc, Susceptibility To


Cholangiocarcinoma Of Biliary Tract

Cholangiocellular Carcinoma

Distal Cholangiocarcinoma

Perihilar Cholangiocarcinoma

Bile Duct Cancer


Adult Primary Cholangiocellular Carcinoma

Bile Duct Carcinoma

Fallopian Tube Disease

Fallopian Tube Diseases

Ophthalmia Neonatorum

Gonococcal Conjunctivitis

Gonococcal Ophthalmia Neonatorum

Neonatal Conjunctivitis

Polycystic Liver Disease 1 With Or Without Kidney Cysts

Polycystic Liver Disease 1



Liver Disease, Polycystic, Type 1

Polycystic Liver Disease

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Carcinoma

Carcinoma Of Pancreas

Familial Pancreatic Carcinoma

Pancreatic Neoplasm

Pancreatic Carcinoma, Familial

Malignant Neoplasm Of Pancreas

Pancreatic Acinar Carcinoma

Pancreatic Tumor

Familial Pancreatic Cancer

Neoplasm Of The Pancreas

Cancer Of The Pancreas

Pancreatic Carcinoma, Somatic

Pancreatic Cancer, Somatic

Ca Body Of Pancreas

Ca Head Of Pancreas

Ca Tail Of Pancreas

Malignant Neoplasm Of Body Of Pancreas

Malignant Neoplasm Of Head Of Pancreas

Malignant Neoplasm Of Tail Of Pancreas

Pancreas Neoplasm

Exocrine Cancer

Exocrine Pancreas Carcinoma

Hereditary Pancreatic Cancer

Hereditary Pancreatic Carcinoma


Pancreatic Cancer, Susceptibility To

Carcinoma Of Head Of Pancreas

Pancreatic Neoplasms

Pancreatic Tumors

Cancer, Pancreatic

Cancer Of Pancreas

Mixed Islet Cell With Exocrine Carcinoma Of Unspecified Site

Sertoli-Leydig Cell Tumor

Sertoli-Leydig Cell Tumors

Androblastoma Of Ovary


Arrhenoblastoma Of Ovary

Sertoli-Leydig Cell Tumor Of The Ovary

Sertoli-Leydig Cell Tumor Of Intermediate Differentiation

Sertoli-Leydig Cell Tumor Of Ovary

Gallbladder Cancer

Gallbladder Carcinoma

Gallbladder Neoplasm

Malignant Neoplasm Of Gallbladder

Malignant Tumour Of Gallbladder

Gallbladder Ca

Localized Malignant Gallbladder Neoplasm

Malignant Tumor Of The Gallbladder

Tumor Of The Gallbladder

Cancer Of The Gallbladder

Carcinoma Gallbladder

Carcinoma Of Gallbladder

Gallbladder Neoplasms

Malignant Neoplasm Of Gallbladder Localized

Cancer Of Gallbladder

Primary Malignant Neoplasm Of Gallbladder

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma

Adenocystic Carcinoma

Cribriform Carcinoma


Carcinoma Adenoid Cystic

Carcinoma, Adenoid Cystic

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Of Salivary Gland

Eccrine Dermal Cylindroma

Carcinoma, Cribriform

Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Purulent Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis, Bacterial

Thyroid Carcinoma, Familial Medullary

Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma

Familial Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma


Medullary Thyroid Cancer



Thyroid Cancer, Medullary

Thyroid Carcinoma, Medullary

Familial Mtc

Thyroid Carcinoma Medullary

Carcinoma, Thyroid, Medullary, Familial

Medullary Carcinoma Of Thyroid

Medullary Carcinoma With Amyloid Stroma, Unspecified Site

Medullary Carcinoma With Amyloid Stroma Of Thyroid

Gastrointestinal Carcinoma

Gastrointestinal Neoplasms

Gastric Cancer

Stomach Cancer

Gastric Carcinoma

Stomach Carcinoma

Gastric Cancer, Somatic

Gastric Neoplasm

Carcinoma Of Stomach

Stomach Neoplasms

Malignant Neoplasm Of Stomach

Gastric Cancer Risk After H. Pylori Infection

Cancer Of The Stomach

Adult Stomach Cancer

Adult Stomach Carcinoma


Gastric Cancer Intestinal

Gastric Cancers

Gastric Carcinomas

Cancer, Gastric

Stomach Neoplasm

Malignant Neoplasm Of Body Of Stomach

Malignant Tumor Of Lesser Curve Of Stomach

Gastrocarcinoma Of Unspecified Site

Leather Bottle Stomach

Carcinoma Of Fundus Of Stomach

Cancer Of Fundus Of Stomach

Primary Malignant Neoplasm Of Body Of Stomach

Cancer Of Body Of Stomach

Primary Malignant Neoplasm Of Pyloric Antrum

Pyloric Antrum Cancer

Malignant Tumour Of Stomach

Rectum Cancer

Malignant Neoplasm Of Rectum

Rectal Cancer

Cancer Of Rectum

Carcinoma Of Rectum

Carcinoma Of The Rectum

Malignant Rectal Tumor

Malignant Rectum Tumor

Malignant Tumor Of Rectum

Rectal Carcinoma

Rectal Cancers

Cancer, Rectal

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Carcinoma

Ovarian Neoplasm

Malignant Tumour Of Ovary

Cancer Of The Ovary

Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Neoplasm Of Ovary

Ovarian Neoplasms

Ovarian Cancers

Malignant Neoplasm Of Ovary

Primary Malignant Neoplasm Of Ovary

Ovarian Cancer, Somatic

Malignant Ovarian Tumor

Ovary Neoplasm

Primary Ovarian Cancer

Tumor Of The Ovary

Malignant Neoplasm Of The Ovary

Malignant Tumor Of The Ovary

Ovarian Malignant Tumor


Ovarian Carcinomas

Cancer, Ovarian

Cancer Of Ovary

Ovary Cancer

Ca Ovary

Glycogen Storage Disease




Storage Disease, Glycogen

Gsd - [Glycogen Storage Disease]

Glycogen Thesaurismosis

Diffuse Glycogenosis

Generalised Glycogen Storage Disease

Generalised Glycogenosis

Generalised Glycogen Storage Disease Of Infants

Glycogen Synthase Deficiency

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal Cell Cancer

Basal Cell Neoplasm

Basal Cell Carcinoma Of Skin

Malignant Basal Cell Tumor

Basal Cell Tumor

Epithelioma Basal Cell

Malignant Basal Cell Neoplasm

Rodent Ulcer

Carcinoma Basal Cell

Neoplasms, Basal Cell

Basal Cell Carcinomas

Experimental Organism Basal Cell Carcinoma

Nodulo-Ulcerative Basal Cell Carcinoma


Basal Cell Epithelioma Of Skin

Bcc - [Basal Cell Carcinoma] Of Skin

Rodent Ulcer Of Skin

Rodent Ulcer Of Unspecified Site

Basal Cell Epithelioma Of Unspecified Site

疾病名称 别名
Waldenstroem'S Macroglobulinemia

Waldenstroem'S Macroglobulinemia

Waldenstroem'S Macroglobulinemia

Macroglobulinemia Of Waldenstrom

Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma With Igm Gammopathy

Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma

Waldenstroem'S Macroglobulinemia

Waldenstroem'S Macroglobulinemia

Macroglobulinemia Of Waldenstrom

Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma With Igm Gammopathy

Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma