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Agarose With TAE Powder (1%) 

琼脂糖凝胶预混 TAE(1%)速溶颗粒

Cat. No.: HY-K1029
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MCE Agarose With TAE Powder (1%) 将琼脂糖制成速溶颗粒,并按比例预混了 TAE 速溶颗粒,加入纯水即可直接制备成 1% 琼脂糖凝胶。

Agarose With TAE Powder (1%)

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& Advantages

MCE Agarose With TAE Powder (1%) mainly consists of proportionally mixed agarose and TAE Powder. This product provides a convenient way to make 1% agarose gel and eliminates the need to weigh and mix individual components.


Store at room temperature for 3 years.


1.   Add 1 pouch of powder into the cleaned conical flask and dissolve with 100 mL pure water. Seal the flask and heat in the microwave until the agarose is completely dissolved.

2.   Add Nucleic Acid dye (HY-K1004 MCE SYBR Green I Nucleic Acid Gel Stain).

3.   Mix gently and pour the agarose solution into the rubber board and insert the comb in place. The thickness of the gel is generally 3-5 mm.

4.   Cool at room temperature for 30-60 minutes for subsequent electrophoresis.

Components HY-K1029-20 pouches HY-K1029-100 pouches
Agarose With TAE Powder (1%) 20 pouches 5 × 20 pouches
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  • Do most proteins show cross-species activity?

    Species cross-reactivity must be investigated individually for each product. Many human cytokines will produce a nice response in mouse cell lines, and many mouse proteins will show activity on human cells. Other proteins may have a lower specific activity when used in the opposite species.


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琼脂糖凝胶预混 TAE(1%)速溶颗粒