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GPR84 (G蛋白偶联受体84)

GPR84 is a G protein-coupled receptor for medium-chain fatty acids. GPR84 is a receptor for free fatty acids and can be potently activated by saturated medium-chain free fatty acids (MCFAs) like decanoic acid, undecanoic acid and lauric acid. GPR84, a receptor for medium-length free fatty acids is upregulated on protein level in LPS activated tolerant CD14+ monocytes and THP-1 cells.

GPR84 is activated by MCFAs with the hydroxyl group at the 2- or 3-position more effectively than nonhydroxylated MCFAs. GPR84 is now considered to be a member of FFA-sensing GPCRs. MCFAs with carbon chain lengths of 9–14 activate GPR84, coupling primarily to a pertussis toxin (PTX)-sensitive Gi/o pathway. GPR84 should be a proinflammatory receptor and may be a novel, attractive target for treating chronic low grade inflammation associated-diseases.

GPR84 相关产品 (5):

目录号 产品名 作用方式 纯度
  • HY-135303
    GLPG1205 Antagonist 99.66%
    GLPG1205 是有效的选择性,具有口服活性的 GPR84 (G 蛋白偶联受体)拮抗剂,表现出良好的 PK/PD 特征。GLPG1205 具有抗炎活性,可用于肺纤维化的相关研究。
  • HY-100775
    Fezagepras sodium Antagonist 99.65%
    Fezagepras (Setogepram) sodium 是一种具有口服活性的 GPR40 激动剂和 GPR84 拮抗剂或反向激动剂。Fezagepras sodium 减轻肾,肝和胰腺纤维化。Fezagepras sodium 具有抗纤维化,抗炎和抗增殖作用。
  • HY-112562
    GPR84 antagonist 8 Antagonist 99.85%
    GPR84 antagonist 8 是一种选择性 GPR84 拮抗剂。
  • HY-12764
    6-OAU Agonist 99.94%
    6-OAU(GTPL5846; 6-n-octylaminouracil)是GPR84激动剂,在PI assay中EC50值为105nM。
  • HY-100775A
    Fezagepras Antagonist
    Fezagepras (Setogepram) 是一种具有口服活性的 GPR40 激动剂和 GPR84 拮抗剂或反向激动剂。Fezagepras 减轻肾,肝和胰腺纤维化。Fezagepras 具有抗纤维化,抗炎和抗增殖作用。
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