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SDF-1 alpha/CXCL12 蛋白, Mouse (68a.a, CHO)

目录号: HY-P7403
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SDF-1 alpha (基质细胞衍生因子 1α,SDF-1α) 是缺乏 ELR 结构域的趋化因子 α 亚家族的成员。SDF-1α 作为 T 和 B 淋巴细胞和单核细胞的趋化剂。SDF-1α 是CXCR4 的配体。SDF-1α/CXCR4 信号介导许多生理过程,包括细胞运输、血管生成、胚胎发生、肿瘤侵袭和转移。它还控制归巢到骨髓的造血干细胞的趋化性。SDF-1 alpha/CXCL12 蛋白, Mouse (68a.a, CHO) 在 CHO 细胞中表达产生,由 68 个氨基酸 (K22-K89) 组成。

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SDF-1 alpha (Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1α, SDF-1α) is a member of the chemokine α subfamily that lack the ELR domain. SDF-1α works as a chemoattractant for T- and B-lymphocytes and monocytes. SDF-1α is a ligand for CXCR4. The SDF-1α/CXCR4 signaling mediates many physiological processes including cell trafficking, angiogenesis, embryogenesis, tumor invasion and metastatic. It also controls the chemotaxis of hematopoietic stem cells homing to the bone marrow[1][2]. SDF-1 alpha/CXCL12 Protein, Mouse (68a.a, CHO) is produced in CHO cells, and consists of 68 amino acids (K22-K89).


Stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1), an important member of the chemokine family, is expressed in two subtypes, SDF-1α and SDF-1β, with SDF-1α being the main subtype. SDF-1α is widely present in many tissues and organs of the human body, such as the lymph nodes, bone marrow, liver, lung, muscle, small intestine, kidney, and brain, and can sustainably exist in these organs and tissues. Studies have shown that SDF-1α plays an important role in the physiological mfunctions of migration, distribution, development, differentiation, and apoptosis of various cells. Moreover, SDF-1α plays a key role in the pathological process of some diseases, such as inflammation, tumor formation and metastasis, pathogen infection, and wound repair[1][3].
SDF-1 has three isoforms, α, β, and γ, which are different at the splicing level, not at the transcriptional level. The analysis of the genomic structure of SDF-1 in human and mouse revealed two isoforms, SDF-1α and SDF-1β, which are encoded by a single gene and result from alternative splicing. SDF-1α comprises 3 exons and encodes a protein of 89 amino acids whereas SDF-1β consists of 4 exons and encodes a protein of 93 amino acids. Both isoforms are highly similar regarding their sequences with the only difference of 4 additional amino acids at the C-terminus of SDF1β. In adult rat brain, SDF-1α is the predominant one, present in astrocytes, microglia, as well as in neurons. SDF-1α is found positive in normal cholinergic neurons, such as in the medial septum and substantia innominata, and in dopaminergic neurons, such as in the substantia nigra (SN) pars compacta and the ventral tegmental area. SDF-1α is the only known ligand for CXCR4. CXCR4 is also a target for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) binding[1][2].
In vitro and in vivo studies using ischemic reperfusion models and a pretreatment with SDF-1α results in decreased infarct size and increases resistance to hypoxic damage and apoptotic cell death via activation of ERK-1/2 and AKT phosphorylation[1]. The SDF-1α/CXCR4 signaling maintains central nervous system homeostasis through the interaction with the neurotransmitter and neuropeptide systems, the neuroendocrine systems[2]. An increasing number of animal experiments have shown that SDF-1α can enhance the migration of BMSCs, mobilize BMSCs to diseased areas, and promote their proliferation and differentiation[3].

(In Vitro)

Recombinant mouse SDF-1α (10 ng/mL or 30 ng/mL; for 6 days) promotes osteoclast differentiation and activity in bone marrow mononuclear cells (BMMCs). SDF-1α can promote osteoclast formation and the expression oftartrate resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP), cathepsin K (CK), and MMP-9 in osteoclasts by activating the MAPK pathway, including ERK and p38, but not JNK[4].

(In Vivo)

In a mouse acute myocardial infarction (AMI) model, recombinant mouse SDF-1α (100 ng/50 μL) injected into the infarctregions of the myocardium 3 to 4 times per mouse. Two weeks after infarction, the myocardial recruitment of c-kit+ cells is significantly higher in the group treated with the SDF-1alpha PEGylated fibrin patch than in the AMI control group[5].


The EC50 is <1.5 μg/mL as measured on Ca2+ mobilization assay in CHO-K1/Gα15/mCXCR4 cells (human Gα15 and mCXCR4 stably expressed in CHO-K1 cells).






Tag Free


P40224 (K22-K89)

基因 ID

20315  [NCBI]

重组小鼠基质细胞衍生因子-1α/CXCL12 (CHO 表达)
rMuSDF-1α/CXCL12; SDF-1; PBSF; C-X-C motif chemokine 12; TLSF



Approximately 8 kDa


Lyophilized powder.


Lyophilized after extensive dialysis against PBS.


<0.2 EU/μg, determined by LAL method.


It is not recommended to reconstitute to a concentration less than 100 μg/mL in ddH2O or PBS.

保存条件 & 期限

Stored at -20°C. After reconstitution, it is stable at 4°C for 1 week or -20°C for longer. It is recommended to freeze aliquots at -20°C or -80°C for extended storage.


Room temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere.

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SDF-1 alpha/CXCL12 Protein, Mouse (68a.a, CHO)