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SGK (血清和糖皮质激素调节蛋白激酶)

Serum- and glucocorticoid-inducible kinase (SGK) is a member of the Ser/Thr protein kinase family that regulates a variety of cell functions. SGK may regulate the cell cycle through the modulation of microtubule (MT) dynamics in tumor cells. SGK depolymerizes MTs through two distinct mechanisms both in vitro and in vivo. First, SGK directly depolymerizes MT independently of its kinase activity. Second, SGK depolymerizes MT through the phosphorylation of tau specifically at Ser214.

SGK is under regulation of several hormones, mediators and cell stressors. SGK is cloned as a gene up-regulated by serum and glucocorticoids in rat mammary tumor cells.

SGK is transcriptionally upregulated by mineralocorticoids and activated by insulin. The kinase enhances renal tubular Na+-reabsorption and accounts for blood pressure increase following high salt diet in mice made hyperinsulinemic by dietary fructose or fat.

SGK 相关产品 (4):

目录号 产品名 作用方式 纯度
  • HY-15192
    GSK 650394 Inhibitor 99.76%
    GSK 650394 是一种新颖的 SGK 抑制剂,在SPA实验中,对 SGK1 和 SGK2 的IC50 分别为 62 nM 和 103 nM。GSK 650394 还可抑制流感病毒复制。
  • HY-125878
    PROTAC SGK3 degrader-1 Inhibitor 99.32%
    PROTAC SGK3 degrader-1 (SGK3-PROTAC1) 是一种基于 PROTACSKG3 降解剂。PROTAC SGK3 degrader-1 (0.3 μM) 在 2 小时内诱导 50% 内源性 SGK3 降解,8 小时观察到 80%SGK3 的降解,并伴随着 NDRG1 (SGK3 底物) 的磷酸化损失。
  • HY-133028
    CKI-7 free base Inhibitor 99.31%
    CKI-7 free base 是一种有效且 ATP 竞争性的酪蛋白激酶 1 (CK1) 抑制剂,IC50 为 6 μM,Ki 为 8.5 μM。CKI-7 free base 选择性抑制 Cdc7 激酶,还抑制 SGKS6K1 以及 MSK1。CKI-7 free base 对酪蛋白激酶 II 和其他蛋白激酶的作用弱得多。
  • HY-W011109
    CKI-7 Inhibitor
    CKI-7 是一种有效且 ATP 竞争性的酪蛋白激酶 1 (CK1) 抑制剂,IC50 为 6 μM,Ki 为 8.5 μM。CKI-7 选择性抑制 Cdc7 激酶,还抑制 SGKS6K1 以及 MSK1。CKI-7 对酪蛋白激酶 II 和其他蛋白激酶的作用弱得多。
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