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Cy3 alkyne chloride 

目录号: HY-D1860

Cy3 alkyne chloride 是含有磺酸根离子 (sulfonate) 和炔烃官能团 (alkyne) 的 Cyanine 3 (Cy3) (HY-D0822) 染料衍生物。Cy3 是一种荧光染料,荧光光谱通常在绿色至橙色的波长范围内。Cy3 alkyne chloride 的炔烃官能团可以与含有 azide 官能团的分子反应,形成共价键。Cy3 alkyne chloride 能够与蛋白质、抗体等生物分子结合,追踪它们在生物样品中的位置和动态变化。

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Cy3 alkyne chloride Chemical Structure

Cy3 alkyne chloride Chemical Structure

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Cy3 alkyne chloride is a dye derivative of Cyanine 3 (Cy3) (HY-D0822) containing a sulfonate ion and an alkyne functional group. Cy3 is a fluorescent dye with a fluorescence spectrum typically in the green to orange wavelength range. The alkyne functional group of Cy3 alkyne chloride can react with molecules containing the azide functional group to form covalent bonds. Cy3 alkyne chloride can bind to biological molecules such as proteins and antibodies to track their location and dynamic changes in biological samples.






Room temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere.


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Cy3 alkyne chloride