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Cell-ATP Viability Detection Kit 


Cat. No.: HY-K0302
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MCE ATP 发光法细胞活力检测试剂盒基于高灵敏度生物发光检测技术,通过对 ATP 进行定量以测定培养物中活细胞数目及细胞活力。

Cell-ATP Viability Detection Kit

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& Advantages

ATP is an important index of cell metabolism which has a good linear relationship with the number of living cells. The principle of ATP bioluminescence technology is as follows: luciferase uses luciferin, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and O2 as substrates, and converts chemical energy into light energy in the presence of Mg2+. In the luminescence reaction catalyzed by luciflucase, the concentration of ATP is linearly related to luminescence intensity within a certain concentration range. The amount of ATP is directly proportional to the number of cells present. Based on this, the Cell-ATP Viability Detection Kit can be used for cell counting or viability determination by ATP content.

MCE Cell-ATP Viability Detection Kit is used for detecting the number and viability of living cells in culture based on high-sensitivity bioluminescence detection technology of the ATP present.


-20°C, one year.

Keep away from light.

Components HY-K0302-10 mL HY-K0302-100 mL HY-K0302-500 mL
Cell-ATP Viability Detection Reagent 10 mL 100 mL 100 mL*5
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  • Do most proteins show cross-species activity?

    Species cross-reactivity must be investigated individually for each product. Many human cytokines will produce a nice response in mouse cell lines, and many mouse proteins will show activity on human cells. Other proteins may have a lower specific activity when used in the opposite species.


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