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One Step TUNEL Apoptosis Detection Kit (Cyanine 3) 

一步法 TUNEL 细胞凋亡检测试剂盒(红色荧光)

Cat. No.: HY-K1079
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MCE 一步法 TUNEL 细胞凋亡检测试剂盒采用一步染色的方法快速检测细胞凋亡。染色后,正常细胞基本无荧光,凋亡细胞呈红色荧光。

One Step TUNEL Apoptosis Detection Kit (Cyanine 3)

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& Advantages

MCE One Step TUNEL Apoptosis Detection Kit (Cyanine 3) provides a rapid and convenient method to detect cell apoptosis. When cells undergo apoptosis, specific DNA endonucleases will be activated, cutting the genomic DNA between the nucleosomes. The DNA of apoptotic cells is cleaved into multimers of 180-200 bp fragments. The exposed 3'-OH of the broken DNA can be catalyzed by Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase (TdT) with fluorescein labeled dUTP, which can be detected with fluorescence microscope or flow cytometer. The maximum excitation wavelength and emission wavelength of Cy3 (Cyanine 3) were 550 nm and 570 nm respectively.


-20°C, 1 year

Protect from light

Components HY-K1079-20T HY-K1079-50T
TdT Enzyme 100 μL 250 μL
Cy3-dUTP Labeling Mix 900 μL 2×1.2 mL
TdT Dilution Buffer 300 μL 1 mL
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  • Do most proteins show cross-species activity?

    Species cross-reactivity must be investigated individually for each product. Many human cytokines will produce a nice response in mouse cell lines, and many mouse proteins will show activity on human cells. Other proteins may have a lower specific activity when used in the opposite species.


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一步法 TUNEL 细胞凋亡检测试剂盒(红色荧光)