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Tris-HEPES-SDS Powder (500 mL of 1×) 

Tris-HEPES-SDS 速溶颗粒 (500 mL of 1×)

Cat. No.: HY-K1034
Manual SDS

MCE Tris-HEPES-SDS Powder (500 mL of 1×) 主要成分为三羟甲基氨基甲烷(Tris)、4-羟乙基哌嗪乙磺酸(HEPES)、乙二胺四乙酸(EDTA)和十二烷基硫酸钠(SDS),是使用广泛的蛋白电泳缓冲液。

Tris-HEPES-SDS Powder (500 mL of 1×)

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& Advantages

Tris-HEPES-SDS (HEPES) is widely used in protein electrophoresis, as well as in biochemical diagnostic kits, DNA/RNA extraction kits, PCR diagnostic kits, etc. HEPES is non-toxic to cells.

MCE Tris-HEPES-SDS Powder (500 mL of 1×) consists of Tris, HEPES, EDTA and SDS. Each pouch can be diluted to 500 mL 1× HEPES buffer, in which the concentration of Tris is 50 mM, the concentration of HEPES is 50 mM, the concentration of EDTA is 2 mM and the concentration of SDS is 0.1%. This product provides a convenient way to make HEPES buffer and eliminates the need to weigh and mix individual components.


Store at room temperature for 3 years.


1.   Add 1 pouch of Tris-HEPES-SDS Powder into the cleaned beaker, dissolve with 300 mL distilled water under a magnetic stirrer.

2.   Add distilled water to the solution in step 1 until the total volume is 500 mL. The final solution is 1× HEPES buffer.

Note: The pH of the 1× HEPES buffer is 7.7 ± 0.2 @ 25°C.

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Tris-HEPES-SDS Powder (500 mL of 1×) 20 pouches 5 × 20 pouches
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    Species cross-reactivity must be investigated individually for each product. Many human cytokines will produce a nice response in mouse cell lines, and many mouse proteins will show activity on human cells. Other proteins may have a lower specific activity when used in the opposite species.


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Tris-HEPES-SDS 速溶颗粒 (500 mL of 1×)