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APS-2-79 hydrochloride 是一种 KSR 依赖性的 MEK 拮抗剂。APS-2-79 与 ATPbiotin 竞争性地结合到 KSR2-MEK1 复合物内的 KSR2IC50 为 120 nM。APS-2-79 与 KSR 结合可将 KSR 固定在一个非活性的状态,使其无法再结合 RAF 和激活 MEK,从而阻断了 Ras-MAPK 信号通路。

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APS-2-79 hydrochloride Chemical Structure

APS-2-79 hydrochloride Chemical Structure

CAS No. : 2002381-31-7

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APS-2-79 hydrochloride is a KSR-dependent MEK antagonist. APS-2-79 inhibits ATPbiotin binding to KSR2 within the KSR2-MEK1 complexe with an IC50 of 120 nM. APS-2-79 makes the stabilization of the KSR inactive state antagonizes oncogenic Ras-MAPK signaling[1].

IC50 & Target[1]


120 nM (IC50)



(In Vitro)

APS-2-79 (5 μM) suppresses KSR-stimulated MEK and ERK phosphorylation in 293H cells[1].
APS-2-79 (1 μM) enhances the efficacy of the clinical MEK inhibitor trametinib within cancer cell lines containing K-Ras mutations[1]

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Room temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere.


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纯度 & 产品资料
Cell Assay

Cell viability assays are performed in 96 well plates. Optimal cell densities for 96 well plate assays are determined to obtain linear growth over the time course of assays. A549, HCT-116, A375, SK-MEL-239, COLO-205, LOVO, SK-MEL-2, CALU-6, MEWO, SW620 and SW1417 cells are plated at 500 cells per well and treated with inhibitors (e.g., APS-2-79; 100-3,000 nM) for 72hrs before measuring viability. H2087 and HEPG2 cells are plated at 2000 cells per well, and treated with inhibitors (e.g., APS-2-79; 100-3,000 nM) for 72hrs. Cell viability is measured using Resazurin, and the percent cell viability is determined by normalizing inhibitor-treated samples to DMSO controls[1].

MCE has not independently confirmed the accuracy of these methods. They are for reference only.


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