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  2. MGLL - monoglyceride lipase Gene

MGLL - monoglyceride lipase Gene


种属: Homo sapiens

同用名: MGL; HUK5; MAGL; HU-K5

基因 ID: 11343 | 基因类型: protein coding


Cytogenetic location: 3q21.3 Genomic coordinates (GRCh38): 3:127,689,066-127,823,185 (from NCBI)

This gene has 13 transcripts (splice variants) and 209 orthologues. Broad expression in fat (RPKM 103.8), esophagus (RPKM 51.9) and 19 other tissues.


该基因编码 AB 水解酶超家族的丝氨酸水解酶,该酶催化单酰基甘油酯转化为游离脂肪酸和甘油。编码的蛋白质在几个生理过程中起着关键作用,包括通过内源性大麻素 2-花生四烯酰甘油的水解引起的疼痛和痛觉。该基因的表达可能在癌症肿瘤发生和转移中发挥作用。已经观察到该基因编码多种亚型的可变剪接转录物变体。[RefSeq 提供,2012 年 2 月]

This gene encodes a serine hydrolase of the AB hydrolase superfamily that catalyzes the conversion of monoacylglycerides to free fatty acids and glycerol. The encoded protein plays a critical role in several physiological processes including pain and nociperception through hydrolysis of the endocannabinoid 2-arachidonoylglycerol. Expression of this gene may play a role in Cancer tumorigenesis and metastasis. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding multiple isoforms have been observed for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Feb 2012]

MGLL 基因产物(10)

mRNA Protein Name
NM_001003794.3 NP_001003794.1 monoglyceride lipase isoform 2
NM_001256585.2 NP_001243514.1 monoglyceride lipase isoform 3
NM_001388312.1 NP_001375241.1 monoglyceride lipase isoform 4
NM_001388313.1 NP_001375242.1 monoglyceride lipase isoform 5
NM_001388314.1 NP_001375243.1 monoglyceride lipase isoform 6
NM_001388315.1 NP_001375244.1 monoglyceride lipase isoform 7
NM_001388316.1 NP_001375245.1 monoglyceride lipase isoform 8
NM_001388317.1 NP_001375246.1 monoglyceride lipase isoform 9
NM_001388318.1 NP_001375247.1 monoglyceride lipase isoform 9
NM_007283.7 NP_009214.1 monoglyceride lipase isoform 1

MGLL 蛋白结构


Abhydrolase_6: Alpha/beta hydrolase family (46 - 280)

  • 0
  • 100
  • 200
  • 303 a.a.
蛋白主名 其他名称

monoglyceride lipase

lysophospholipase homolog


疾病名称 别名
Hallucinogen Dependence

Hallucinogen Addiction

Cannabis Dependence

Marijuana Abuse

Cannabinoid Addiction

Cannabinoid Dependence

Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis Abuse

Marijuana Abuse

Chanarin-Dorfman Syndrome

Neutral Lipid Storage Disease


Neutral Lipid Storage Disease With Ichthyosis

Triglyceride Storage Disease With Impaired Long-Chain Fatty Acid Oxidation

Triglyceride Storage Disease With Ichthyosis


Ichthyotic Neutral Lipid Storage Disease

Dorfman-Chanarin Syndrome


Chanarin-Dorfman Disease

Ichthyosiform Erythroderma With Leukocyte Vacuolation

Lipidosis With Triglyceride Storage Disease

Disorder Of Cornification 12

Dorfman Chanarin Syndrome

Neutral Lipid Storage Disease With Ichthyotic

Dorfman-Chanarin Disease


Acute Uvulitis

Pain Agnosia


Gilles De La Tourette Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome

Tourette Disorder



Gilles De La Tourette'S Syndrome

Motor-Verbal Tic Disorder

Guinon'S Disease

Psychogenic Tics

Tourette'S Syndrome

Chronic Motor And Vocal Tic Disorder


Tourette'S Disease

Combined Vocal And Multiple Motor Tic Disorder [De La Tourette]

Combined Vocal And Multiple Motor Tic Disorder

Tic De La Tourette

Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

Lennox Syndrome

Encephalopathy Of Childhood

Epileptic Encephalopathy Lennox-Gastaut Type

Childhood Epileptic Encephalopathy With Diffuse Slow Spikes And Waves


疾病名称 别名
Waldenstroem'S Macroglobulinemia

Waldenstroem'S Macroglobulinemia

Waldenstroem'S Macroglobulinemia

Macroglobulinemia Of Waldenstrom

Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma With Igm Gammopathy

Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma

Waldenstroem'S Macroglobulinemia

Waldenstroem'S Macroglobulinemia

Macroglobulinemia Of Waldenstrom

Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma With Igm Gammopathy

Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma


种属 基因名 来源 基因 ID
Mus musculus MGLL MGD MGI:1346042
Canis familiaris MGLL VGNC VGNC:54327
Felis catus MGLL VGNC VGNC:63489
Macaca mulatta MGLL VGNC VGNC:74523
Bos taurus MGLL VGNC VGNC:54454
Rattus norvegicus MGLL RGD RGD:71039