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Secretin Receptor (分泌素受体)


Secretin receptor (SCTR) is a G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) which binds secretin. The secretin receptor has a 427-amino acid sequence and a molecular weight of 48,696 Da. The secretin receptor is related structurally to the receptors for VIP, parathyroid hormone (PTH), and calcitonin. Secretin receptors are expressed in the basolateral domain of several cell types. Secretin is a member of the secretin-glucagon family and is secreted by S cells of the duodenum in the small intestine. In addition to regulating the pH of the duodenal content by the control of gastric acid secretion, secretin regulates the secretion of bicarbonate ions into the duodenum from the epithelia lining the pancreatic and biliary ducts. Secretin has also been considered as a neuropeptide hormone since it is also expressed in the central nervous system (CNS). Recent evidence has indicated that secretin has pleiotropic effects in several organ systems (including the biliary epithelium) and has been termed a neuroendocrine hormone.

Secretin Receptor 相关产品 (5):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-P1465A
    Secretin (28-54), human TFA 98.62%
    Secretin (28-54), human TFA 是由 27 个氨基酸组成的多肽,作用于人分泌素受体 (secretin receptor)。
    Secretin (28-54), human TFA
  • HY-P1244A
    Secretin (33-59), rat TFA 99.06%
    Secretin (33-59), rat (TFA) 是由 27 个氨基酸组成的多肽,可以作用于分泌素 (secretin) 受体,能够增强胰腺的碳酸盐、酶和钾离子的分泌。
    Secretin (33-59), rat TFA
  • HY-P1465
    Secretin (28-54), human
    Secretin (28-54), human 是由 27 个氨基酸组成的多肽,作用于人分泌素受体 (secretin receptor)。
    Secretin (28-54), human
  • HY-P1535A
    Secretin, porcine TFA
    Secretin, porcine TFA (Porcine secretin TFA) 是由 27 个氨基酸组成的多肽,能够作用于胰腺腺泡细胞和导管上皮细胞,促进富含碳酸氢盐的流体的产生。
    Secretin, porcine TFA
  • HY-P1535
    Secretin, porcine
    Secretin, porcine (Porcine secretin acetate) 是由 27 个氨基酸组成的多肽,能够作用于胰腺腺泡细胞和导管上皮细胞,促进富含碳酸氢盐的流体的产生。
    Secretin, porcine