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Sal I 

Sal I

Cat. No.: HY-KE7035
Manual SDS

Sal I 是经过基因工程重组的快速限制性内切酶,适用于质粒 DNA、PCR 产物或基因组 DNA 等的快速酶切。

Sal I

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& Advantages

•    Sal I is 100% active in 10× Buffer and 10× Color Buffer. 10× Color Buffer includes a density reagent along with red and yellow tracking dyes that allow for direct loading of the reaction mixtures on a gel. The red dye of the Color Buffer migrates with 2500 bp DNA fragments in a 1% agarose gel and the yellow dye of the Color Buffer migrates faster than 10 bp DNA fragments in a 1% agarose gel.


•   Cleavage site:


3’…GT  C  G  A  C…5’

5’…C  A  G  C  TG…3’
-20°C, 2 years.
Components HY-KE7035-200T
Sal I 200 μL
10× Buffer 1 mL × 2
10× Color Buffer 1 mL × 2
Help & FAQs
  • Do most proteins show cross-species activity?

    Species cross-reactivity must be investigated individually for each product. Many human cytokines will produce a nice response in mouse cell lines, and many mouse proteins will show activity on human cells. Other proteins may have a lower specific activity when used in the opposite species.


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Sal I