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Trabikibart  (Synonyms: CSL311)

目录号: HY-P990094

Trabikibart (CSL311) 是一种 βc 特异性、全人单克隆抗体,可与人 βc 受体细胞因子结合位点特异性的独特表位结合,对人类 βc 受体具有皮摩尔结合亲和力。Trabikibart 是 IL-3、GM-CSF 和 IL-5 对嗜酸性粒细胞存活的联合作用的有效抑制剂。Trabikibart 具有用于慢性炎症性疾病的潜力。

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Trabikibart Chemical Structure

Trabikibart Chemical Structure

CAS No. : 2643974-98-3

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Trabikibart (CSL311), a βc-specific, fully human monoclonal antibody, binds to a unique epitope that is specific to the cytokine-binding site of the human βc receptor. Trabikibart has picomolar binding affinity for the human βc receptor. Trabikibart is a potent inhibitor of the combined effects of IL-3, GM-CSF and IL-5 on the survival of eosinophils. Trabikibart has the potential for chronic inflammatory diseases research[1].


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