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Ceramidase (神经酰胺酶)

Ceramidases are a group of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of ceramide, dihydroceramide, and phytoceramide into sphingosine (SPH), dihydrosphingosine (DHS), and phytosphingosine (PHS), respectively, along with a free fatty acid. Ceramide catabolism is controlled by ceramidases that are pivotal in the pathophysiology of these diseases of altered lipid homeostasis such as Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes-induced insulin resistance, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Ceramidases are classified into the acid, neutral, and alkaline ceramidase subtypes according to the pH optima for their catalytic activity.

Ceramidase 相关产品 (1):

目录号 产品名 作用方式 纯度
  • HY-103592
    ARN14974 Inhibitor 99.09%
    ARN14974 是一种酸性神经酰胺酶的抑制剂 (IC50=79 nM)。