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Complement System

The complement system helps or “complements” the ability of antibodies and phagocytic cells to clear pathogens from an organism. It is part of the immune system called the innate immune system that is not adaptable and does not change over the course of an individual's lifetime. The complement system consists of a number of small proteins found in the blood, in general synthesized by the liver, and normally circulating as inactive precursors (pro-proteins). When stimulated by one of several triggers, proteases in the system cleave specific proteins to release cytokines and initiate an amplifying cascade of further cleavages. The end-result of this activation cascade is massive amplification of the response and activation of the cell-killing membrane attack complex. Over 30 proteins and protein fragments make up the complement system. Three biochemical pathways activate the complement system: the classical complement pathway, the alternative complement pathway, and the lectin pathway.

Complement System 相关产品 (14):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-101502A
    SB290157 trifluoroacetate Antagonist 99.87%
    SB290157 trifluoroacetate是有效,选择性的C3a受体的拮抗剂,IC50值为200 nM。
  • HY-17627
    Avacopan Inhibitor 99.53%
    Avacopan (CCX168)是高效,选择性,有口服活性的补体5a受体的抑制剂,IC50值为0.1 nM。
  • HY-110136A
    PMX 205 Trifluoroacetate Antagonist 98.89%
    PMX 205 Trifluoroacetate 是一种有效的补体 C5a 受体 (C5aR; CD88) 拮抗剂。
  • HY-P1036
    Compstatin Inhibitor 98.36%
    Compstatin 是一种十三环肽,为 complement system 抑制剂。
  • HY-16992A
    W-54011 Antagonist >98.0%
    W-54011是口服有效的特异性CD88 (C5a受体)拮抗剂, 抑制 125I-标记的 C5a 结合到人类中性粒细胞, Ki为2.2 nM。
  • HY-P1505A
    C3a (70-77) TFA 98.64%
    C3a (70-77) TFA (Complement 3a (70-77) TFA) 是对应于 C3a 的 COOH 末端的八肽,表现出 C3a 的特异性和 1 至 2% 的生物活性。
  • HY-127105
    LNP023 Inhibitor
    LNP023 是一种高效的补体因子 B (FB) 抑制剂,IC50 为 10 nM。LNP023 高亲和力地结合到 FB (KD =7.9 nM)。
  • HY-128342
    Complement C5-IN-1 Inhibitor
    Compound C5-IN-1 (Compound 7) 是补体成分蛋白5 (C5) 的小分子抑制剂。 Compound C5-IN-1 与 C5 相互作用以防止其被 C5 转化酶切割, 阻断酵母多糖诱导的 50%人全血 MAC 沉积的 IC50 值为 0.77 μM。
  • HY-15701
    Leukadherin-1 Agonist >98.0%
    Leukadherin-1 是一种特异性的 CR3 和白细胞表面整合素 CD11b/CD18 的激动剂。
  • HY-50875
    BCX 1470 methanesulfonate Inhibitor 99.43%
    BCX 1470 methanesulfonate 能抑制factor D和C1s的酯水解活性,IC50分别为96 nM和1.6 nM。
  • HY-110136
    PMX 205 Antagonist
    PMX 205 是一种有效的补体 C5a 受体 (C5aR; CD88) 拮抗剂。
  • HY-50874
    BCX 1470 Inhibitor
    BCX 1470能抑制factor D和C1s的酯水解活性,IC50分别为96 nM和1.6 nM。
  • HY-128570
    FD-IN-1 Inhibitor
    FD-IN-1 (Compound 12) 是一种补体因子 D (FD) 抑制剂,IC50 为 12 nM。补体因子 D 是一种高特异性的 S1 丝氨酸蛋白酶,在先天免疫系统的替代补体途径中起着重要作用。FD-IN-1 还抑制因子 XIa (FXIa) 和类胰蛋白酶 β2,IC50 分别为 7.7 和 6.5 μM。
  • HY-P1505
    C3a 70-77
    C3a (70-77) 是对应于C3a的COOH末端的八肽,表现出C3a的特异性和1至2%的生物活性。
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