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Resveratrol (Synonyms: trans-Resveratrol; SRT501)

目录号: HY-16561 纯度: 99.70%

Resveratrol (trans-Resveratrol; SRT501) 是一种天然多酚,具有抗氧化,抗炎,保护心脏和抗癌的特性。 它的靶点广泛,如 mTORJAKβ-amyloidAdenylyl cyclaseIKKβDNA polymerase。Resveratrol 也是一种特异性的 SIRT1 活化剂。Resveratrol 是有效的孕烷 X 受体 (PXR) 抑制剂。

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Resveratrol Chemical Structure

Resveratrol Chemical Structure

CAS No. : 501-36-0

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Top Publications Citing Use of Products

    Resveratrol purchased from MCE. Usage Cited in: Chinese Journal of Cell Biology. 2015, 37(11):1522-1527.

    Effect of Resveratrol on SIRT1 expression in HK-2 cells.

    Resveratrol purchased from MCE. Usage Cited in: J Agric Food Chem. 2017 Jun 7;65(22):4384-4394.

    Resveratrol activates the HSF1 signaling pathway. J-Lat A2 cells are treated with various concentrations of Resveratrol or Carfilzomib (50 nM) for 48 h. Then the cells are lysed and Ser320 phosphorylated HSF1 and total HSF1 are detected by Western blot with corresponding antibodies.

    Resveratrol purchased from MCE. Usage Cited in: Cell Death Dis. 2018 Aug 28;9(9):847.

    HIPK2 expression is upregulated by treatments with 5 μM Resveratrol, 30 μM Aspirin, 10 μM Vitamin E, and 15 μM Ursolic acid for another 16 h after the LPS treatment, as analysed by western blotting.

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    Resveratrol (trans-Resveratrol; SRT501), a natural polyphenolic phytoalexin that possesses anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, and anti-cancer properties. Resveratrol (SRT 501) has a wide spectrum of targets including mTOR, JAK, β-amyloid, Adenylyl cyclase, IKKβ, DNA polymerase. Resveratrol also is a specific SIRT1 activator[1][2][3][4]. Resveratrol is a potent pregnane X receptor (PXR) inhibitor[5].

    IC50 & Target


    1 μM (IC50)







    Adenylyl cyclase

    0.8 nM (IC50)

    DNA polymerase α

    3.3 μM (IC50)

    DNA polymerase δ

    5 μM (IC50)

    In Vitro

    Resveratrol (trans-Resveratrol; SRT501) is one of the numerous polyphenolic compounds found in several vegetal sources In the vast majority of cases, Resveratrol displays inhibitory/activatory effects in the micromolar range, which is potentially attainable pharmacologically, although targets with affinities in the nanomolar range have also been reported[1].
    MCF-7 cells are plated in DME-F12 medium supplemented with 5% FBS in the presence of increasing concentrations of Resveratrol. Control cells are treated with the same volume of vehicle only (0.1% ethanol). Resveratrol inhibits the growth of MCF-7 cells in a dose-dependent fashion. Addition of 10 μM Resveratrol results in an 82% inhibition of MCF-7 cell growth after 6 days while at 1 μM, only a 10% inhibition is observed. The cells treated with 10 μM Resveratrol have a doubling time of 60 hr whereas control cells doubled every 30 hr. Trypan blue exclusion assay shows that at concentrations of 10 μM or lower, Resveratrol does not affect cell viability (90% viable cells) whereas at 100 μM, only 50% of the cells are viable after 6 days of Resveratrol treatment. Moreover, MCF-7 cells do not undergo apoptosis after incubation with Resveratrol at concentration of 10 μM as determined by ApoAlert Annexin V Apoptosis kit[2].

    In Vivo

    The average tumor volume is reduced by treatment with Resveratrol (trans-Resveratrol; SRT501) at a dose of 50 mg/kg body weight (195.5±124.8 mm3; P<0.05) or 100 mg/kg body weight (81.7±70.5 mm3; P<0.001) compare with the vehicle-treated animals (315±94 mm3). There is a good correlation between the tumor volume and the tumor mass[3].

    Clinical Trial
    Molecular Weight




    CAS No.





    Room temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere.

    Powder -20°C 3 years
      4°C 2 years
    In solvent -80°C 6 months
      -20°C 1 month
    Solvent & Solubility
    In Vitro: 

    DMSO : 48 mg/mL (210.30 mM; Need ultrasonic)

    Stock Solutions
    Concentration Solvent Mass 1 mg 5 mg 10 mg
    1 mM 4.3814 mL 21.9068 mL 43.8135 mL
    5 mM 0.8763 mL 4.3814 mL 8.7627 mL
    10 mM 0.4381 mL 2.1907 mL 4.3814 mL

    储备液的保存方式和期限:-80°C, 6 months; -20°C, 1 month。 -80°C 储存时,请在 6 个月内使用,-20°C 储存时,请在 1 个月内使用。

    In Vivo:

    请根据您的实验动物和给药方式选择适当的溶解方案。以下溶解方案都请先按照 In Vitro 方式配制澄清的储备液,再依次添加助溶剂:

    ——为保证实验结果的可靠性,澄清的储备液可以根据储存条件,适当保存;体内实验的工作液,建议您现用现配,当天使用; 以下溶剂前显示的百

    • 1.

      请依序添加每种溶剂: 10% DMSO    40% PEG300    5% Tween-80    45% saline

      Solubility: ≥ 2.5 mg/mL (10.95 mM); Clear solution

      此方案可获得 ≥ 2.5 mg/mL (10.95 mM,饱和度未知) 的澄清溶液。

      以 1 mL 工作液为例,取 100 μL 25.0 mg/mL 的澄清 DMSO 储备液加到 400 μL PEG300 中,混合均匀;向上述体系中加入50 μL Tween-80,混合均匀;然后继续加入 450 μL生理盐水定容至 1 mL。

      将 0.9 g 氯化钠,完全溶解于 100 mL ddH₂O 中,澄清透明的生理盐水溶液
    • 2.

      请依序添加每种溶剂: 10% DMSO    90% (20% SBE-β-CD in saline)

      Solubility: ≥ 2.5 mg/mL (10.95 mM); Clear solution

      此方案可获得 ≥ 2.5 mg/mL (10.95 mM,饱和度未知) 的澄清溶液。

      以 1 mL 工作液为例,取 100 μL 25.0 mg/mL 的澄清 DMSO 储备液加到 900 μL 20% 的 SBE-β-CD 生理盐水水溶液中,混合均匀。

      将 2 g 磺丁基醚 β-环糊精加入 5 mL 生理盐水中,再用生理盐水定容至 10 mL,完全溶解,澄清透明
    • 3.

      请依序添加每种溶剂: 10% DMSO    90% corn oil

      Solubility: ≥ 2.5 mg/mL (10.95 mM); Clear solution

      此方案可获得 ≥ 2.5 mg/mL (10.95 mM,饱和度未知) 的澄清溶液,此方案不适用于实验周期在半个月以上的实验。

      以 1 mL 工作液为例,取 100 μL 25.0 mg/mL 的澄清 DMSO 储备液加到 900 μL玉米油中,混合均匀。

    *以上所有助溶剂都可在 MCE 网站选购。
    Cell Assay

    To determine the effect of Resveratrol on cell growth, MCF-7 cells are plated in 6-well plates at 105 cells per well in 2 mL of DME-F12 medium supplemented with 5% FBS in the presence or absence of increasing concentrations of Resveratrol. The cell number is measured every 2 days till day 6 with a hemocytometer after detaching the cells with trypsin-EDTA[2].

    MCE has not independently confirmed the accuracy of these methods. They are for reference only.

    Animal Administration

    Female BALB/c (nu/nu) mice, 6 weeks old, are used. PA-1 cells (1×107 in 200 μL PBS) are injected s.c. on the right hind flank. Tumor volume (length×width×depth×0.52) is measured three times a week. After 10 days of implantation, two groups (n=10) are given Resveratrol (dissolved in 5% ethanol and 25% polyethyleneglycol 400 in distilled water) i.p. at a daily dose of 50 or 100 mg/kg body weight for consecutive 4 weeks, whereas the other group receive the vehicle only. Body weights are recorded everyday. Animals are given bromodeoxyuridine (BrdUrd; 10 mg/kg body weight, i.p.) 2 h before sacrifice. Xenograft tumors are weighed and frozen in liquid nitrogen or fixed in 10% formalin and embedded in paraffin. The BrdUrd-labeled cells in paraffin-embedded tissues are detected employing a monoclonal anti-BrdUrd antibody.

    MCE has not independently confirmed the accuracy of these methods. They are for reference only.


    Purity: 99.70%

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    The molarity calculator equation

    Mass (g) = Concentration (mol/L) × Volume (L) × Molecular Weight (g/mol)

    Mass   Concentration   Volume   Molecular Weight *
    = × ×

    The dilution calculator equation

    Concentration (start) × Volume (start) = Concentration (final) × Volume (final)

    This equation is commonly abbreviated as: C1V1 = C2V2

    Concentration (start) × Volume (start) = Concentration (final) × Volume (final)
    × = ×
    C1   V1   C2   V2


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